Explaining “The Ten Trace Myō” through Corporate Activities

Explaining “The Ten Trace Myō”
through Corporate Activities

The Ten Trace Myō is the law
preached by summarizing a general
so here I will use A General
Corporate Activity as an example.
If placing a corporate activity in the
Ten Trace Myō, it will be roughly
as follows.

1. The Border Myō

The first 1, The Border Myō, is
the object when a corporate uses
its wisdom.
In other words, it is a search target
for corporate’s wisdom

When a corporate uses their
wisdom, they don’t use it out of
thin air. First, they research the
market, and then do a lot of study
on where the “Consumer Needs
 and so on. Also, if necessary,
they research the social trends and
the situation of the times behind
In this way, the Border Myō is the
object of corporate wisdom.
It is the market, social and world trends,
and the phenomena world in general.
Border” of “The Border Myō” is
Border” of a Border Line. 
It draws a Border Line on the wisdom
emitted by a corporate,  and limits
or designates the direction of the

2. The Wisdom Myō

2. The Wisdom Myō is the wisdom of 
a corporate.
In accordance with consumer needs,
etc. that a corporate grasped in
“The Border Myō” of 1, the corporate
wisdom creates strategies and plans.

3. The Action Myō

The Action Myō is the action of
a corporate.
In accordance with the plans and
strategies created by the wisdom of 2,
a corporate makes products and

4. The Rank Myō

4. The Rank Myō is the process by
which a corporate’s quality or rank
As an independent corporate that can
be properly managed in society,
the corporate prepares the Organization,
Personnel, Finances, Information,
Production Equipment, etc. And it’s
a process of growing as a corporate .

5. The Three Laws Myō

The Three Laws Myō means that
a corporate is complete as a corporate
that can be active in society.
The Three Laws refer to three
 for completing a corporate.
It is called 1 Individual, 2 Universal,
3 Middle way

1 “Individual” means that the
  corporate is established as
  a single social corporate.

2 “Universal” means that the
   corporate has sufficient external
   capabilities to operate widely
   in external  markets.

3 “Middle way” is to have both
  1, “Established as an independent
  corporate” and
  2, “External management ability.”
  The state in which 1 and 2 are
  connected is called “Middle Way,”
  because it is the connection of
  “Individual and Universal.”

 6. The Reaction Myō

When one corporate is completed,
the corporate will carry out some
kind of public relations activities
such as advertisements.
Then Consumers begin to react 
to the services provided by the
The corporate will serve consumers
according to their reactions.
This process is the Reaction Myō.

7. The Phenomena Myō

Products and services provided by
corporates bring changes and
improvements to society and the
lives of consumers.
The occurrence of those events is
the Phenomena Myō.

8. The Preachment Myō

If changes occur in society and in
the lives of consumers, a corporate
will disseminate further information
 throughout the events.
(Full-fledged public relations activities 
through the media and SNS)
Dissemination of information is
the Preachment Myō.

9. The Succession Myō

In this way, buying and selling is
repeated between corporate and
consumers, and eventually “Credit
will be born. And “Stable Customeres
are created.
That is the Succession Myō.

10. The Merit and Profit Myō

Thus both corporate and consumers
benefit and are enriched.
That is the Merit and Profit Myō.

The meaning of
“The First half 5 Myō” and
“The Last half 5 Myō”

The course of the first half
5 Myō
the Process until the functional
causality (system) within
a corporate is well completed.

The course of the last half
5 Myō is――
the Process that a corporate’s
ability and effort in its external
activities lead to its success.

The same is true in human
The first half of the 5 Myō
completes “The causality of
one’s self-action” (The Causes
action and Results action).
The last half of 5 Myō completes
“The Action that work on others.”

In this way, by the name of
The Ten Myō, “One’s self-action
and “The Action that work on
others” become all impeccable.

A Corporate success comes
for the first time, when there is
the development and prosperity
of Consumers (Citizens)

By reading the process of
“The Ten Myō” above, I think you
will probably feel the following first.
It is the fact that “Any corporate
has its own profit and development
only when there is Consumer benefit
and their life improvement.”

It is never possible that only
a corporate makes a profit and
develops. By always generating
“Consumer benefits” and contributing
to “Consumer happiness,”
the corporate will also develop itself.
This is a timeless truth at any age.
Also, it is the principle of Mercy.

However, if you are engaged in
corporate activities for a long time,
you may forget this due to the
reasons such as tension and
It can also be forgotten by the
corporate’s long prosperity
But if you forget, remember it
and let’s start again.

Both “Emitting Mercy heart to one
citizen” and “Emitting Mercy to all
citizens” are the driving force of
When a corporate develops,
it needs the heart of Mercy to
Citizens and Consumers.

Mercy is written as “慈悲 Ji-Hi” in
Chinese characters, and “Ji” means 
A heart that values about the person.
“Hi” is the heart of “Wanting to
remove the suffering of that person.”
There is great power in emitting
both hearts to the public.
When you do that, you can make
the Lion Momentum to be exerted.

To be continue

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