A radical solution to the Ukrainian problem

On June 16, 2022, French President
Emmanuel Macron, German Prime
Minister Olaf Scholz, and Italian Prime
Minister Mario Draghi visited Ukraine to
meet with President Zelensky.
The leaders of the three countries then
told the president, “We are always one
with Ukraine,” and appealed for unity.
At a joint press conference after
the talks , the leaders of the three
countries agreed to make Ukraine
an “EU candidate country.”

These three countries are major
members of the EU, and from next
week onwards, the “EU Summit”,
the “G7 Summit” and the “NATO
 will be held one after
The fact that this time visit appealed
for a strong unity with Ukraine will have
a major impact on Ukraine’s accession
to the EU in the future.
(To join the EU, unanimous consent
of member countries is required)

After that, Russian President Putin
addressed the meeting of the
International Economic Forum in
St. Petersburg (17th), and saying,
“It is up to the sovereignty of the
country to decide whether that
country (Ukraine) will join the EU.”
Regarding the background of this
time visit of three countries to Ukraine,
currently in Western countries,
it is divided into three types of views
on future treatments for the Ukrainian
War, as shown in the table below.

1.  USA ↓
      Return to the state before
      the invasion of Russia.

2.  Germany, France, Italy ↓
     Bring to a ceasefire, even if
     making concessions and

3.  Poland, Great Britain,
      Baltic States ↓
      No concessions or
      compromises at all.

Among these three groups,
especially 1 “United States” and
2 “France, Germany, Italy” were
concerned that Russia’s attacks
will spread to NATO member
countries and develop into World
War. And they became temporarily
cautious about weapons assistance
to Ukraine.
 It was the first half of June.

At this time, Mrs. Zelensky said,
“Please everyone! Don’t get used to
this war. The war in Ukraine is the
war at the front door of your house.
Be on the side of peace and humanity.
Then Ukraine’s victory will be yours.”
And President Zelensky asked the
international community for more
military support to Ukraine.

In this way, it was decided that the
three countries of Germany,
France and Italy would visit Ukraine
this time.
In a speech after the summit
meeting with President Zelensky,
the leaders of France, Germany and
Italy emphasized their unity, and
saying, “Our heart never leaves
Ukraine and is always one.”
Also, US President Joe Biden had
a telephone talk with Ukrainian
President Zelensky for about 40
minutes on June 15 to confirm strong
And on the same day, at an
international conference in Brussels
to discuss military assistance to
Ukraine, the United States announced
a total of $ 1 billion in additional military
assistance, including the launcher
of the anti-ship missile “Harpoon.”
(Opening image)

Now the Ukrainian army is currently
in a tough battle with the Russian
army in the eastern part of Ukraine,
but it may intensify its counterattack
and reversal offensive.

The complete solution
to the Ukrainian war

However, when considering the
End” and “Fundamental Solution” of
this war, even if the Ukrainian army wins
the battle, the war cannot be completely
Of course, it is important for the
Ukrainian army, which has been
unilaterally invaded by Russia, to win.
However, that alone does not lead
to a true solution.

The reason is that if the war was
prolonged in the future, NATO member
countries and Western countries will
continue to have a strong sense of
anxiety and caution toward Russia.
And the citizens of Western countries
will lead an uneasy life while holding
fear and threat to neighboring Russia.

Also, if this war cannot be completely
ended, when Ukraine rebuild their own
country, they too will have to do that
while being vigilant for invasion from
In addition, “The problems of Ukraine’s
Grain Export”
 that stagnate along the
Black Sea coast, “Global Food Crisis” 
and “Energy Problem” will remain.

I am thinking that the most
Fundamental Solution
 to this Ukrainian
war is that president Putin is to be reborn
as a good king.
Then because everything will come to
a solution.

The current President Putin violated
the Charter of the United Nations,
invaded Ukraine, killed many Ukrainian
citizens, and destroyed social capital
such as their homes and factories.
And he is trying to make the land of
another country Russian territory.
Therefore, I have to say that the
current President Putin belongs to
the evil king.
We transform that evil king into
a good king.
It may be a bold idea, but by doing so,
all issues will be resolved.

Historical case of King Ashoka

However, even though saying
the evil king turns into a good king,
is it so easy to achieve?
Is there really a case in history
where an evil king suddenly turned
into a good king?
It exists.
It was an event in ancient India.
It is the famous Ashoka the Great.

King Ashoka was the king of
ancient India who had the greatest
power and achieved the first
unification of India in history.
However, the first half life of King
Ashoka, who was a very good king,
was actually an evil king.
He destroyed many nations.
However, in the wake of a certain
event, he was reborn as a good king.

What is that event?
It was that a poor, torn-dressed old
man appeared before the king.
He has held his already dead child.
And the old man said to the king:
“Great King with the strongest power,
please bring my child back to life
with that great power.”

At that time, the king realized.
He also became aware of his own
“Doing my best and contribute to
the well-being of the citizens of
the country, that’s my mission!”
And he deeply reflected on his
actions so far and repented it.
After that, he has laid Law-based
Good Politics
 all over India, which is
rare in the world.

He abandoned the war and
undertook a number of social
projects, including the construction
of hospitals and roadside trees.
In addition, despite the king
himself was a Buddhist, he did not
make Buddhism a state religion,
and he often defended other
religions in the country and kept
Freedom of Religion.”
Also, from a life-oriented
perspective, the implementation of
the “Abolition of the death penalty”
was achieved during the time of
King Ashoka. The spread of Buddhism
in Southeast Asian countries is also
largely due to the achievements of
the king.
By following such a precedent,
the current President Putin too
should become a Good King and
return to Russia as soon as possible.
He should act and do his best for
the well-being and prosperity of
many good Russian Citizens who
do not want “War” and “Invasion of
other nations.”
Also, he should do his best for the
well-being and prosperity of the
citizens of the world.
Moreover, this requires urgent.

He has a great reason to return
to Russia.
According to many experts and
institutions, Russia is currently
expected to face a tremendous
crisis in the coming months due to
severe economic sanctions imposed
by the United States and other
Western countries.
President Putin has no time to wage
war in Ukraine.
His heart should return home early,
rebuild his own country’s damaged
economy and rebuild its ties with the
international community.

How to turn an evil king
into a good king

Next, let us talk about what we citizens
should do to transform the Evil king into
the Good king.
The most powerful way to do that is
you (and the citizens of the whole world)
have the perspective to grasp and think
that “The main body of the Evil king and
that of Good king are the same.”

However, this does not mean that the
Evil king and the Good king are the
same and agree with the evil king
It means “Both main bodies are the
Certainly, what the evil king and the
good king think is the exact opposite.
The Evil king’s heart thinks,
“Even if killing a citizen, I will invade
the territory of another country and
make it my own.”
On the other hand, the Good king puts
the well-being and safety of the citizens
first, and also values the citizens of
other countries. And “The king himself
works hard and acts to ensure that
the citizens have a lot of good luck
and happiness.”
Thus, the hearts of the Evil king and
the Good king are the exact opposite.

However, both are the same in that 
they have the same human heart.
In this sense, you hold the perspective
that “The main body of the Evil king
and that of the Good king are the same.”

So why is it important to have this
Also, what are the advantages of
holding that perspective?
If you grasp that “The main body of
the Evil king and the Good king are
the same,” you can easily switch
between them.
For example, if the king of your
country (the supreme authority) was
an evil king, you can quickly turn him
into a good king.
However, this does not mean that
the evil king naturally transforms into
a good king without you doing

“Easy transformation between the two”
means that transformation is possible
with a few steps or a little treatment.
For example, suppose the international
community imposes some economic
sanctions on the Evil king or gives
some treatments.
Normally, a little treatments does not
turn an Evil king into a Good king.
However, as mentioned above, if you
take the perspective that “The main
body of the evil king and the good king
are the same,” that can be achieved
with a few steps and treatments.

So why is the conversion between
the two possible with such a few easy
That’s because both main bodies are
the same.
This is the same principle that the
main body of day and night is the
same, and night is easily converted
to day and vice versa.
However, there are also some
disadvantages to this perspective.
Even if the evil king is converted to
the good king, it may soon be
converted back to the evil king.
However, in that case, if an evil
king arises, you should immediately
re-convert him to a good king.
Every time an evil king arises,
you turn him into a good king.

Also, in the process of striving and
fighting to accomplish such
conversion work, there is your
growth and development as human.
If you think and grasp that “The main
body of the evil king and good king
are the same,” There are advantages
like the above.
In thinking about this, let’s consider
the case when you think that
“The main bodies of the evil king
and the good king are completely
different.” If you think that “The main
bodies of the evil king and the good
king are completely different,”
it will be extremely difficult to
convert between them.
It’s not impossible though…

In that case, even if the evil king
could be converted into a good
king, it takes the form of
“Extinguish completely the evil
king first and then replace it with
the good king”
 or “Completely
destroy evil and then replace it
with good.”
However, in that form, the
conversion from an evil king to
a good king becomes extremely

For example, like the current
President Putin, it is the same as
he will not easily turn into
a good king, even if the international
community, including the United
States, imposes a number of
fairly strong sanctions.
Also, during World War II, evil kings
like Hitler of Nazi Germany appeared.
It took the Allies six years to stop and
win his aggression and savage acts.
(The period of World War II is 6 years
from September 1, 1939 to
September 2, 1945)

In other words, through “The battle to
turn the evil king into a good king,”
there can be considerable casualties, 
even on the good side,

Also, even if saying that you
extinguish the evil king completely
in this way, it will be difficult to
achieve in full form, and will be
able to only be partially achieved.
Some of the evil kings and evils
will continue to survive.

Rather than that, so that the
night becomes noon,
“Transform the evil king into
a good king at once” is practically
easier, more certain, and less likely
to cause casualties.

The article continues.
Please wait for a little while.

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