The Essential Version of “The Power of the Law to expand the Power of Citizens’ Goodness”


In order to expand and 
strengthen the power of good 
deeds that individuals do

What happens in the international 
community often happens on a huge 
scale that the hands of the individual 
does not reach, so in many cases, 
people sometimes think 
“Those problems can not be solved 
by the power of individuals.”
For example, large-scale confrontation, 
war and conflict between the country 
and the country, and Huge Trade Friction 
Problem as seen in recent US-China 
relations, and so on.

In recent years, there have been the
“Invasion of Ukraine by the Russian
army” and the “Problem of the
coronavirus spreading worldwide.”

In such cases, how can an individual be
able to deal with large-scale problems
like international problems, in a manner
that is effective?
First of all, individuals do good.
Do good without doing evil.
This is the most basic. Also, that is 
the starting point.
However, what to do when the effect of 
good acts performed by individuals is 
not widely affect society.
For instance, if evil or act of evil is done 
in a distant place where the individual’s 
action range can not reach, how an 
individual prevents them? 

Also, when those are done in the world 
of giant capital and huge scale by a big 
force, how does an individual prevent 
Conflict and war are the case.
In fact, terrorist incidents and wars
occur in distant places where 
individual hands will not reach. 
And they cause many casualties and
bring misery to many civilian lives.
The problem of coronavirus infection is
essentially the same. it occurs in the
microscopic world of nature which is
out of the reach of humans, and harms
Therefore, we must strengthen the
good acts that each individual does,
expand their power, and make that
effects of that acts to extend to every
corner of society.

Use the power of law

In order to solve this problem, we use 
Power of the Law.” Because law has 
the power to greatly expand and 
strengthen the power of actions that 
individuals perform and their 
For example, there are various laws
in the world such as laws of science,
laws of medical science, Social law,
laws of economy and business, or 
the Specialized laws for using
Internet information, etc. 
These laws are capable of expanding 
and strengthening the power of human 
wisdom and acts in each specialized 
We use this “Effect of the Law itself.”

For instance, since lawyers exercise 
their wisdom based on the “power of 
law,” so that he can lead to solving 
various social problems and complex 
problems difficult to solve by amateurs. 
Of course, in that case, it is largely due 
to the power of the lawyer himself to 
solve the problem, but behind that 
wisdom, the “power of law” is working.

Even in the medical field, the doctor 
exercises wisdom based on the laws 
of medicine, so it becomes possible to 
cure various diseases and intractable 
Of course, outcome of treatment
depends largely on the power and talent 
of the doctor himself, but it is an 
undeniable fact that the
Power of the law of medicine”
established by accumulation and 
devising of research for many years, 
is acting on treatment.

The existence of the
Law of Origin

Next, in order to solve various
large-scale problems such as
those occurring in the international
community, as well as complex,
diverse, and deep-rooted problems,
it is required a more powerful law
that acts more globally, widely and
It is the existence of the
Law of Origin.”

What is the Law of Origin?
It is a law that reaches the origin of
the phenomenon world and
all phenomena.
Therefore, it is called the “Law of
Origin of all phenomena.”
Also, because it is the “Fundamental
law” of all the laws that exist in this
world, it is called the Law of Origin.

If the good wisdom of human works
on to this Law of Origin, the power
of human wisdom and the effect
of his action will be expanded and
strengthened by this Law’s power,
and it will be possible to solve large
problems of various scales and
complex problems such as
international problems.
It is the same principle that the
wisdom of scientists and doctors,
which I mentioned earlier, works on
the laws of science and medicine,
and the power of their wisdom is
expanded and strengthened,
so that great practical effects are

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