Talk about Human Life and the Law of Origin thru Time- Part 2

In the previous Article “Part 1,”
I have talked about the fact that human
beings have an infinite “Distant Past
before they are born, through the
experience case of A and B.
From that infinite past, human beings
are born and die, die and born, and
has repeated such life and death
countless times, and he’s reaching to
the “current life” of today.

In the information (teachings) of the
Law of Origin,  Buddha used the term
Kuon-Ganjo” to describe this infinite past.
This word means the “Beginning of a very
distant past
Kuon means “extremely far”, Ganjo’s “Gan
means the origin, and “jo” means the
first. When combined these, Kuon-Ganjo
means the “First beginning of the Past.”
Also called “Kuon” for short.

For some reason, Buddha did not describe
the infinite past as the “infinite past,” but
defined it as the “beginning of the infinite
This seems to think that he have admitted
that the past had a “beginning,” but here
I would like to consider about the
background and intention of Buddha’s use
of such word.

However, when we think about the past,
it is extremely hard thing to imagine
that there is the “First beginning” in the
past. Because when we think about the
past, whether there was a beginning in
the past, thinking about it is difficult in
itself. Of course, it cannot be proved
scientifically either.

For example, suppose you now defined
some point in the distant past as the
“beginning.” Then, the question arises,
“How was it before that?”
So you in turn, define a point in time
before that as the “beginning of the past.”
Then, the same question arises again,
“Isn’t there a time of past before that?” 

In other words, at the same time as
defining a certain past time point as the
“beginning”, it always leads to the question
“Isn’t there a time and past before that ?”
No matter what point in the past you
take and define it as the “beginning,”
it leads to the question,
“What is the past time before that?” 

Then, on the contrary, what if you
consider the “past is infinite and there is
no beginning in the past”?
If there was no “beginning” in the past
and it could not be defined, why did
Buddha use the term “Kuon-Ganjo,”
which means the first beginning in the
If there is actually the first “beginning”
in the past, it makes sense to use such
word. However, if there is originally no
“beginning” in the past and it is infinite,
there is no need or reason to use such
words. Simply say the “Past is infinite
and that’s all.

So why did Buddha use the word
What was the real intention of him
using this word?

In fact, the true meaning of Buddha using
this word was the “Present.” Now, I would
like to think about the past and the future 
based on that “present.” That is, “what is the
past” and “what is the future.”
First of all, what is the past?

What is the past,
what is the future

In fact, the past is the “time that has
already passed
” considering from the
point of the time of present, so it is
a time that does not actually exist.
No matter how long it is, the distant
past or the near past, the past is all of
the “time that has already gone,” and
the time that doesn’t really exist.
The past one minute ago, even the past
one second ago, doesn’t really exist.

For example, suppose you had lunch
with a friend at a store two hours ago.
That lunch was B lunch.
But now you wish you had had A lunch
at that time. So can you go back two
hours ago and re-eat A lunch?
You would say, “I can’t do that.”
I ask you “why.”
You may be silent with “…”.
I will answer it instead of you.
“Because the past two hours ago is a
time that has already passed and does
not exist.”

Thus, the past is a time that does not
actually exist, whether it is two hours
ago or one minute ago.
Therefore, strictly speaking from the
present point of view, the past is the
Memory that the mind of the present
person has.”

The same is true for the future.
Since the future is also the “time that
will occur from now,” if you think about
the present time as a standard, it does
not actually exist. The future of one
minute ahead or even the future of
one second ahead, is a “time that does
not yet exist,” if considering the present
as a standard. Because it is the “time
that comes from now.”
Therefore, All the future is the “Imagination
that the mind of the present person has.”

In this way, if you think strictly from the
present point as a base, it is a time when
neither the past nor the future actually
So what is the time that actually exists?
Only “a moment of present” actually
That present moment is progressing
from the future to the past at
a tremendous speed. The future quickly
becomes the present, and the present
quickly becomes the past and goes

Is there evidence that the past

But if the past is a time that doesn’t
really exist, and is a “Memory that the mind
of the present person has,” is there any
evidence that the past did exist in the past?
It exists. The past made the present.
Therefore, as long as the present exists,
the past that created it certainly existed
in the past. Since the present is made by
the past, we can see that the present
that exists now becomes evidence and
can see that the past did exist.
In this sense, the past certainly existed.
But when it comes to “how long ago
it started,” humans cannot know it as
I said earlier. It is agnosticism.

The past, present and future are

Then, what about the future?
The future is also the “time that comes
from now on,” so when we think of the
present as the basis point, it does not
exist strictly. The future is the imagination
that the present mind has.
Then, is the “future and present”
completely disconnected, and is there
no connection there?
There is a connection.
Because the cause of creating the
future is all in the hearts and actions of
the present person.
“The future is created by current actions.”
– Because there is such a causal
relationship it can be said that “All futures
are in the actions and hearts of person
who are doing now.

This point is the same in the past.
Because the present is made by the
past, the “whole of the past exists in
the results called the present.

In short, the past and the future are
incorporated in the present, and
both are in the present mind.
That is the reality.
In this sense, the past, present, and
future are not disconnected each other.
When thinking the “current moment” as
the central, the three worlds (three times)
are connected.

Kuon-Ganjo means, in conclusion,
“All of the past that made the present.”

I said earlier that the “Buddha used
the word Kuon-Ganjo to describe the
beginning of the distant past.” And
“His true intention used this word was
in the present.” That means as above.
The Buddha also used the word “Kuon-
Ganjo” as a word to mean the present 
from the perspective that the “past and
the future exist in the present person’s
mind, the memory and imagination.

The meaning of the word Kuon-Ganjo
itself is certainly the word describing the
“Beginning of the past.” The Buddha
certainly did used Kuon-Ganjo to mean
the “Beginning of the distant past.”
But whether if there is the beginning in
the past or not,
“All pasts” that existed in
the past, exists in the present person’s
mind as I said above. Therefore, from this
point of perspective, “All pasts” that exists
in the present is what he means by
Also, “All pasts” that created the present is
He states in the information of the Law of
Origin, “Kuon-Ganjo is in now.” This word
can be understood in this sense.

The Law of Origin takes into account
all the information of past and future,
and sends “Appropriate Advice” to
current you

The Buddha’s true intentions and wishes
were to enable those living in the present
to improve the present, solve the problems
that are occurring now, and create happiness
and prosperity in future life.
That was also the reason why he unraveled
Kuon-Ganjo in the information (teaching) of
the Law of Origin. In other words, he “unraveled
all pasts (K
uon-Ganjo) to improve the present.
In fact, improving the present is not so easy
work. The reason is that the present he tried
to improve was not mere the present, but the
present made by all the pasts.
To improve such a present, you must be in
control and aware of everything in the past.
Also, you have to take control of all the good
and evil acts that have been done in all past,
or the myriad acts that are neither good nor
And you must make use of them for the
present happiness and prosperity.
In reality, it is not so easy to improve the
present that is made extremely solidly by
All the pasts.
Even if you can partially improve the
present a little, it can quickly be destroyed
by the rewards of the various sins that you
may have done in your myriad past lives.(1)

(1)This issue is the same as the one
I talked about in the Q & A of the previous
Article Part 1. That is “Human beings may
have done not only good deeds but also
innumerable evils and wrongdoings in his
(or her) myriad past lives, and the rewards
of those sins can hinder his (or her) present
life.” Now I consider about this issue from
a more essential point of perspective and
come up with a solution.

When we live in the present of every day,
we do not live with a strong awareness of
all pasts and all futures. Even if we are
conscious of the past, it is at most yesterday
or a few days ago, or a month or a year ago,
or at most 10 years ago.
Certainly exceptionally, if you are a historian
or expert, you will be strongly aware of the
past 100 years ago or thousands of years
ago. Also, astronomers may always think of
the past 100 million or 10 billion years ago.
However, when ordinary people live their
current social life, they are not aware of
so much distant past. As you can see from
newspapers and the media, at best,
“Economic forecasts in a month later”,
“what kind of year will be next year?”,
“What is the impact of the presidential
election held a few months ago?” and
the like, and just being aware of this
degree of past and future.
With this, it is far from the story improving
the “present created by all the pasts.”
However, once you have the Law of Origin
(Myo-Hō) and act with it, that’s enough.
And that’s fine.
It’s sufficient to live the present, thinking
about the near past and future of the range
that you think. 
Because, for about the distant past and
future that you can not be aware of and
control, the Law of Origin takes control,
manages, processes and makes use of
them for the well-being of present people.
The Law of Origin is the law that has being
existed from the infinite past, that is the past
of Kuon-Ganjo, so this law has already
experienced all pasts.
Therefore, this law can do such a thing.

Certainly, our lives have also experienced
countless lives from Infinite past and
experience “all pasts.” But in our case,
as I said above, we can hardly remember
the things in the distant past.
We have forgotten.

In this respect, the Law of Origin is
very similar to a Cloud Computer.
Cloud computers can store vast amounts
of information on the Internet well and
put them together to create a system
that can be used by each company.
Companies can use cloud systems and
use vast amounts of Internet information
according to their purposes.
In addition, not only companies but also
individual citizens can create accounts
for cloud services from their own mobile
terminals and use vast amounts of
information on the Internet through
Cloud Computers.
Similarly, the Law of Origin not only has
experienced all the events that happened in
the past, but also stores them all as data.
And the Law is creating “Usable State” at
all times for people to use them for their
own well-being as needed.

For instance, suppose you were now
thinking about President Biden’s recently
launched “Jobs Plan” and “Family Plan,”
and wondering if they will be implemented
in the future, and what would happen
if it were implemented.
Or, suppose you were living the present
with thinking about last year, a painful
10 years ago and 30 years ago.
Or suppose you were living thinking
only about today.
Or, suppose you were living thinking
only about today and tomorrow.
That’s fine. That’s sufficient.
The Law of Origin will connect the
information of all pasts (Kuon-Ganjo)
and all futures to the “past and future
you are now thinking about.”
And to guide your actions working on
current issues to success and victory
in the near future, the Law of Origin takes
into account all things that happened
in the distant past and that will happen
in the distant future, and sends
an appropriate advice to you of now.

In this shape too, the Law of Origin is
very similar to how Cloud Computers
work that I talked above. You know
very little about the vast amount of
information on the Internet.
But even if you don’t know it, if you’re
connected to a cloud computer that
knows everything about it, you can
freely use that vast amount of
information for your purposes by
your terminal mobile.

Similarly, even if you don’t know
about all the past and future,
if you connect with the Law of Origin,
which knows all the information about
the past and future, you are free to
use all the past and future information
that the Law of Origin has.
And the Law of Origin will accurately
summarize the “information you need
now” and send you advice and information
that will make you happy. That’s just like
a cloud computer sends exactly the
information you need, to your terminal

You should be able to catch the advice
and information from the Law of Origin
from the events and phenomena that
occur around you, or the words of those
around you.
If your wisdom properly catches the
advice from the Law of Origin, your life
will surely go for happiness and victory.
This is a reality.

But, as saying many times, the Law of
Origin is “Passive nature” to the last.
Unless your “act of Active nature” is done,
the Law of Origin will not exert these
The “power of law” of the Law of Origin
is the same as the power of law that
exists in society, and if there is only law,
its power is not exerted. The power of
the law is exerted for the first time,
if there is an “active mind and action” of
the citizens who try to keep the law.
It’s the same as that.
So what is your “Active act” that makes
the power of the Law of Origin to be
What concretely does it do?

It is the “Act ① and Act ②’s act of Mercy
and Wisdom,” but in order to correctly
catch the “information about the past
and future” sent from the Law of Origin,
the Act ②’s act of Wisdom especially
becomes important.
Because in order to catch it, you need to
correctly understand and recognize
the truth about the time, “past, present
and future.” (Especially, recognition of
“Kuon-Ganjo” and the “past, present,
future” talked about in this article Is
If your wisdom reads well and
understands well about the information
of the Law of Origin, and talks with people
about it through articles on my site,
you will be able to achieve that.
And you will be able to catch accurately
and quickly the information sent by the
Law of Origin.

Looking at the present makes you
to see all the past and future

So in what process does the Law of Origin
grasp all of your pasts and futures?
The Law of Origin seizes all of your pasts
and futures by looking at the present “you”.
This is because, as I said earlier, the
“present is the results made by all pasts.”
If you look at the result, you can see the
The Law of Origin sees your present and
sees all the past that created you of present.
Similarly, the Law of Origin can see
all your future by looking at your present.
This is because “your actions now are the
cause that will make all futures.” 
If you look at the cause, you can see the

Simply put, it is based on the principle
that “if you look at the present, you can
see all pasts that made the present, and
if you look at the present, you can see
all futures that the present will create.”
In this way, the Law of Origin sees
all your past and future, and grasps them.

Then, taking into account those past and
future information, the Law of Origin will
send to you the appropriate instructions
and advice to help you live a victory and
life of happiness.
Those advices, as I said earlier, come
through the events occur around you or
the changes of phenomena. Also, those
will be come up in a form that you can fully

Send mercy to all living existence

Next, “Sending Act ①’s Mercy to all living
existence” becomes also an important
behavioral factors when you receive
messages and information from the
Law of Origin.
Because “Sending mercy to all living
existence” enables the fusion of you
and the Law of Origin.
Now, I ‘ll give an example here of how
to send Mercy to the world continents.
This is a revision of the previously written
Patrol the five continents and send

1, First, send mercy from Red ①to North
and South America.
And then move along the white arrow.

2. Next, cross the Atlantic Ocean and enter
② European continent, and send mercy
to European countries.

3. Next, head east and send mercy to
③ Middle Eastern countriesthe Arabian
Peninsula, and the Sinai Peninsula.

4. Then head south and send mercy to
④ the African Continent and all African

5. Then move east to enter
⑤ the Eurasian continent and send mercy
to all the countries there.

6 Next, enter ⑥ Indian continent, go south
from there, send mercy to ⑦ Southeast
Asian countries, etc., and send mercy to
⑧ Australia continent.

7. Then enter ⑨ Antarctica and send mercy,
then fly to ➉ Arctic at a stretch and send
mercy to the Arctic and Greenland.
There are no inhabitants in the Arctic and
Antarctica, but let’s send mercy to keep the
ice from melting.

8. Finally, through the Arctic Ocean,
we will go out to the Pacific Ocean,
send mercy to Hawaii, and return to
the Americas.
In the process above, please add any
country you would like to send mercy to.

In this way, you protect well each country
of the world, make each country prosper
and stabilize the relationship between
And let’s send mercy to all citizens and
living existence so that the citizens of
those countries are happy and safe.

Will continue at a later date

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