Coronavirus infection and its countermeasures Part 10

In the first half of this Article, I will
summarize what I have said in the
previous Articles “Coronavirus infection
and its countermeasures Part 8 and Part 9.”
Moreover, in the second half of the Article,
I will talk about the future Economic
situation and the situation of Era while
analyzing the current coronavirus pandemic
situation (as of 2020.9.8).
First of all, I would like you to look at
the table below. The graph in Fig. 1 
shows the infection status around
the time mentioned in the previous
article Part 8, and the number of infected
people per day on July 13 was 61,492.
This is extremely serious.
However, about two months have passed
since then, and the infection situation as
of September 8 present has improved
with the number of infected people
decreasing considerably. (Fig. 2)

From June to July, the number of infected
people with coronaviruses in the United
States was 60,000 to 70,000 per day,
and never fell below 50,000. However,
the number of infected people per day
was 25,167 on September 6 of this month,
and it was 28,540 on September 8 (Fig.2). 
This is extremely epoch-making and will
have a great impact on the future trend
of infection reduction. The number of
infected people is still high, but the
number of infected people per day has
decreased to less than half of what it
used to be

These results are the result of your
actions of Mercy and Wisdom
performed under the Law of Origin.
It is really great. Of course, there is a
possibility that coronavirus will
generate the 3rd and 4th waves in the
future. But for the time being, it is
important that these results came out.

The infection routes of coronavirus
are two, “Air Infection” and “Contact

Now, I would like to summarize what
I have said in previous Articles Part 8
and Part 9 about the infection situation
in the United States.
In Fig. 2 chart of the above table , the
30-day moving average line is drawn
with a Black Line.
What is the 30 day average line is give
the total number of infected people
over the past 30 days from today,
divides it by 30, calculates the average
value, and connects with line these
average values.
Therefore, it is less affected by daily
movements than the 7-day moving
average (Red Line), you can see exactly
if the overall trend is going up or down.
For example, if you have 50,000 infected
people today and 30,000 infected people
yesterday, you are wondering where
the graph goes up or down. However,
if you look by the 30-day line, you can
see that it is clearly falling.
And once the 30-day line starts running
downwards, the whole graph moves
downwards for a while. Looking at the
chart above, the 30-day line has been
moving downward since the beginning
of August, and is still downward.

What exactly this means is that among
the population of 350 million people
in the United States, it indicates that
the number of people are increasing,
who are feeling the threat of
coronavirus, interesting in its basic
measures, and implementing them.
Therefore, the line will become
downwards and infection will be

Now, to be more specific about this,
in the United States, coronaviruses are
primarily infected by following
two routes of infection.
The first is “Air infection” and the
second is “Contact infection.”
Air infection is caused when someone
inhales splashes of coronavirus that
flew into the air due to a person’s
cough and the like. It is said that
people single cough will cause 3000
coronavirus splashes into the air.
And the most effective measure
against it is “wearing a facemask,”
and keeping enough distance
between people (Social Distance),
On the other hand, contact infection
is that when a person who is infected
with coronavirus, coughs or sneezes
with his hand holding them, and
touches the surrounding objects with
that hand, virus attaches to the
surrounding objects. And when another
person’s hand touches them, the
virus attaches to that person’s hand,
and if he touches his mouth or nose
with that hand, he gets infected.
Most “Nosocomial infections” are
infections of this pattern. The most
effective countermeasure against
contact infection is “careful hand
In conclusion, “wearing a mask” blocks
Air Infections, and “careful hand
washing” cuts off Contact Infections.
From this, in the United States, if these
two measures are often implemented
among citizens, the spread of infection

However, “wearing a mask” and
“careful hand-washing (hand sanitization)”
are things that most Americans have
never had in their lifestyle habits and
have many difficulties before they
can be put into practice. In the United
States, many people live in vast land,
and especially in the Midwest, there
are also many citizens who engage
in Agriculture and Livestock Industry,
etc. And for Americans who work
with thick arms like logs, wearing
masks and careful hand washing
were almost unrelated.
Also, in the United States, unfortunately
forced masks are sometimes
perceived as “infringement of
individual liberty,” and “anti-mask”
protests are occasionally held.
Meanwhile, the infection of
coronavirus has progressed, and
the number of infected people in
the United States as of September 1
has reached 6.2 million (as of
September 3).

So the question is how long it takes
until they realize the fear of
coronaviruses, recognize the
importance of the basic measures,
and put them into practice.

Regarding that, please see the
table below again.
The first wave of coronavirus infection
that was from late March to early April,
spread mainly in New York State
(inside the Red Line). The second wave
of infection (inside the Green Line)
spread to 49 states other than
New York and peaked in mid-June to

So, as for the problem of ,”How long
it takes until they realize the fear of
coronaviruses and the importance
of its basic measures?”, the spread
of the first wave of New York state
infection becomes good measuring
In the case of New York state,
from mid-March to mid-April, most
citizens did not recognize its
seriousness of the coronavirus and
the infection spread rapidly.
However, after about a month passed,
people became aware of them,
began seriously implementing basic
measures, and the spread of infection
Similarly, in about 49 states in the
United States, it is conceivable that
if about a month has passed,
people will become aware of them
and practice basic measures.
However, unlike the state of
New York, the 49 states of the
United States have a large
population, and while the state of
New York has about 440,000
people, the United States has
350 million people. In addition, in
the case of the United States, the
area is not limited to cities, and
the occupations of citizens cover
many industries. Also, the land is
much larger. Therefore, they need
a little more time. It will take 2 to 3

However, if here, there is a strong
and serious prayer and wishes of the
citizens to “End the spread of
infection quickly,” it can be believed
that the speed at which Americans
realize the importance of basic
measures will become faster.
As I talked in the last article.
Even now, your prayers and wishes
are accelerating it. This becomes
the proof that your actions have
exerted the power of the Law of
Origin, and have moved the
phenomena world of the United
States through that power of the
Law. This is because the movement
of the minds of American citizens
is also one of the movements of
Also, the fact that that is actually
realizing, proves that the Law of
Origin is the law of reality.

America is the central of the Liberal
Camp. If the US coronavirus spread
continues as it is and the economy
enters a recessionary phase, the
Global Economic impact will be
immeasurable. If the Global
Economy declines, it will cause
the suffering of many citizens of
the world. In the field of world
security too, the role of the United
States is extremely large. Therefore,
the infection must be stopped by
all means.

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