About Donate Button on the site

About Donate Button on the Site

In order for yourself to gain
wealth and richness,  I recommend you to
use the Website’s “Donate Button.”
This button is for you to create good
fortune and wealth.
No matter how dark the world becomes,
and even when the recession comes,
if you use the buttons, you can always
make daily fortune and wealth.
This is neither a hope nor a dream.
It’s a reality.  Also, it is not large or small
of the amount of money. Ultimately, the
“heart” when using it is important.

Also, this is your button.
It is the “World’s Best Button” having the
Law of Origin as the background.
Because I myself am summarizing the
information of the Law of Origin in
a modern way, making Articles, translating
those Articles into the languages of the
world, and publishing them. And by that
work, I am constantly backing up and
strengthening the power of Button.
If you use this Button, you’ll be supporting
that work and there’s no doubt that you’ll
be definitely rewarded from the Law of
Origin. I can definitely affirm that from
my experience.
The rewards will come as a “Good
Phenomena change
” in your workplace
or the place of your living.

Let’s talk a little more about this point.
The purpose of using the Donate Button
is to get the treasures in the “Treasure
Trove,” which is the law of origin.
But the Law of Origin is Passive. What is
Passive means “an entity that exerts its
power only when it receives Active 
wisdom and action of a person.”
The law even any law, has such
For instance, social law cannot exert
its power, even if only the law exists in
society. When there are Active actions
of people and citizens to “obey the law“,
the power of social law can be
demonstrated for the first time.
In the same way, the Law of Origin, even if
only it exists, that power is not exerted.
When a person does good deeds based
on the Law of Origin, or performs the Act ①
and Act ②’s Mercy and Wisdom Action and
contributes to the well-being of society and
people, the power of that Law will be
demonstrated for the first time. That is the
meaning of passive.
That’s the same meaning that I’ve said
above now, “I am writing and translating
the Articles about the Law of Origin and
constantly strengthen and back up the
power of the Button.” Through that
actions, I am now drawing out treasures
and power from the Treasure Trove of
the Law of Origin. Therefore, if you now
use the donate button and support my
actions, you can get the “treasures I have
drawn out”.
In this way, whether it is a donation or
an investment, if you invest or donate
when someone opens the treasure trove
door to draw the treasures and power out
of it, you can get the treasures.
However, if there is only a treasure trove
(the Law of Origin), then it can not be an
investment. Because the treasure trove
door is closed. Therefore, not only me,
when people are doing good deeds under
the Law of Origin and performing the action
for society and people, that is the best
opportunity for you to donate and invest.

Why now, translate Articles on
the site into three languages?

Now, I am currently translating the main
articles on the site into three languages:
Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.
The following is a part of the translation.

Why translate to Spanish, Portuguese and
Chinese now?
Because all three languages are the
languages used by the most many
ethnic groups in the world. Countries
currently using Spanish are:
In addition to home country Spain,
Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador,
Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua.
In the Caribbean, Cuba, Dominican Republic,
Puerto Rico, and in South America, Colombia,
Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile,
Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay. Others, the
countries directly under the equator in
Africa:  Guineahara and the Arab Democratic
Republic, etc.
Spanish is thus a major language of such
as Spain and the former colonies of Spain,
and is currently used by about 577 million
.  Some of these countries include
politically important ones, and if the progress
and achievement of peace will hinder in the
future, the impact on the international
community will be extremely large.
Therefore, there is an urgent need to inform
citizens of these countries, the existence of
the Law of Origin.

Next is Portuguese, this language is,
in addition to its home country Portugal,
the Official Language of Brazil, which is
the first major power in South America.
Portugal has a population of around 
50 million, but Brazil is the largest country
in South American, which has a population
of 200 million.
What I am especially emphasizing is the
Development of Brazil. In the future, the
development and achievement of peace
in this country will become an important
key not only for realizing the peace and
prosperity of North and South America,
but also that of all over the world. Therefore,
we must inform about the Law of Origin.

Next, in Chinese, China also has a huge
population of approximately 1.4 billion, and
the mission and role of this country is
important for the future peace and
development of the world. Relations with
the United States will have to improve in
the future. Therefore, it is necessary to
inform about the Law of Origin.

In this way, in order to inform the world
the existence of the Law of Origin, I am
doing the necessary work and constantly
strengthening the power of the Button.
Therefore, if you use the button, 
you’ll become support this job and there
is no doubt that you’ll get a reward from
the Law of Origin. (1)

(1) Donate Button is public only. It is not 
private. The Button and Funds are independent
of me and my
company, “Alam Communication
Society” l
egally and for tax purposes.
The Fund is
 used solely for business funding.

Property Donation and
Law Donation


From before, you have said that the rewards
and merit from the Law of Origin “will be arised
by performing the Act ① and Act ②’s action of
Mercy and Wisdom.”
Why now is the Donate Button joining there?
About the Reward, wouldn’t the Reward
from only the Act ① and Act ②’s Mercy and
Wisdom action, be enough?


There are basically two types of donate
Property Donation” and “Law Donation.”
In chinese characters, it is written as
Zai-se 財施 and Hou-se 法施.
“Zai” of Zai-se means property, and “se”
means Donation. Therefore, it means
Donating property.” On the other hand,
“Hou” of Hou-se means Law. Therefore,
Hou-se means “Donating Law.”

In these, Law Donation means doing
good deeds yourself using the Law of
Origin that I have been talked so far.
In addition, it means performing the
Act ① and Act ②’s Mercy and Wisdom
action. Also, it means performing the
Act ③’s Gentleness Perseverance. (1)
Donating the Law to people and society
through these actions, it is “Law Donation.”

(1) I mentioned about the “Act ③’s
Gentleness perseverance” in the previous
article America fighting unfairness,
inequality, and racism

(Posted June 21, 2020).

On the other hand, Property Donation is the
act of donating a Property. It is not limited to
money, but it may be donating of sincere items
in some cases. Basically, it financially and
physically assists the project of informing
people of the Law of Origin.
Property Donation and Law Donation have
some principles. One of them is as follows.

Property Donation is finite amount,
Law Donation is infinite amount

According to this principle, the Reward and
Merit of “Law Donation” is basically infinite
amount, whereas that of “Property Donation”
is finite amount. However, even if saying the
“Reward and Merit of Property Donation is
finite,” it is never small. It is quite large.

Comparing “Property Donatioon” 
and “Law Donation”

Now, let’s think about “Law Donation is
infinite amount.”
For instance, if you wish “I want by all means
prevent the spread of coronaviruses in the
United States,” the action of that wishing and
praying for it corresponds to the action of
Law Donation
. If the power of the Law of
Origin is exerted by those prayer and
wishes, the spread of infection stops,
and the purpose is achieved, it can make
an infinite contribution to the livings
and life of many citizens. Its amount can
be said infinite.
Law Donation rewards and merit occur
infinite amounts in this way, to our future,
society, the world, and the natural world
including the environmental world.
Therefore, “Law Donation is infinite

On the other hand,the Reward and Merit
of Property Donation 
are rather personal.
They are directly linked to your own today
and tomorrow’s life and bring merit and
profit to your working place and place of
life.However, doing Property Donation has
also a great social impact. Doing Property
Donation will increase the Good Fortune
of your family and society.
It also sometimes improve the overall
economy of society.

What else does the “Merit of Property
Donation is finite” have the meaning?

For instance, when doing Law Donation,
it can be difficult to perform. Reading
information well, think it carefully, study,
understand, and writing and leave.
Or explain it to others. Or create it as data
and leave it in the future. Or translating
into other languages. These things are
not impossible, but they take time and
effort. Of course, doing those things is

Therefore, in order for you to participate
to these Law Donation projects and gain
their merit quickly and immediately, it can
be said that there is a Property Donation.
For you who is a busy modern person,
there is no extra time nor spare time.
Property Donation is that you invest
the money that you created in your area
of expertise (in your specialized field),
and is that you can get  immediately the
merits and rewards of Law Donation with
that money. Therefore, Property Donation
can be said a suitable shape for a modern
person.  This is the “Merit of Property
As one more point, “Property Donation is
finite” has the meanings of that when one
donation act produces one merit or
a certain finite amount of merit, it ends.
In the case of Property Donation, it is
difficult to get two or three results by
the action of one cause. For example, 
if you burn one firewood, you can burn
one fire. But you can not burn many
times fires. To continue burning fire,
the second and third firewood will be
required. In this sense, the merit of
Property Donation is finite.
However, if it is definitely true that
“one Property Donation will certainly
acquire one reward,” it is possible to
obtain large merit and profits
continuously by utilizing this finite
cycle reversely.

In conclusion, both Property Donation and
Law Donation are important Donate
Actions. Both increase your luck and
happiness and increase the good fortune
of your family, society and country.

The current society is rapidly becoming
uncertain society due to the spread of
coronaviruses. Also, it is becoming an
uncertain era. In order to live happily in
such an era, it is the greatest strength
for your life that having the place where 
“you can definitely create good fortune
and profit by investing there.”

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