Infection of coronavirus and its countermeasures Part 6

With the use of the Law of the Origin,
the process of eradicating the
coronavirus is that
the “Natural Annihilation” is always
the center.
What is Natural Annihilation?
It is the form that you move phenomena
in the phenomenon world through the
Law of Origin, and stop and annihilate
the path of coronavirus. This process
of annihilation cannot be seen from
the outside, so it takes in the form of
“Natural Annihilation.”

The chart below shows the Daily
Number of infected people across
the United States from April 3 to
April 16.

(Table 1  – Linked to the Distribute Site)

As of April 14, the number of people
infected with coronaviruses in the
United States has already exceeded
600,000, and more than 700,000 on
the 17th. We will stop that.

(Table 2 – Linked to the Distribute Site)

However, looking at the table above, the
number of infected people in the past
few days has stopped, and as the rate
of increase has changed horizontally. 
Whether this is peaking out or not.
We still need to see what will happen.
We have hope.
President Trump said in a press
conference on April 15 that the “data
shows that the peak has been reached
nationwide,” and expressed motivation
to resume economic activity in some
regions. Also, Governor Cuomo New
York said on the 13th, “I’m confident that
we have passed the worst.”
Either way, now is the time for
everybody to unite and fight together.

Next, the site below shows the total
number of infected and dead in April
2020 in each state and region of the
United States.
(Site address is same as Table 1 )

(Table 3 – Linked to the Distribute Site)

Looking at this table, you can see that
the number of infected and dead in
New York is much higher than in other
states. Infection and deaths in other
states are relatively low compared to
those in New York. (Since the table is
large, I wrote New York at the bottom)
Therefore, it seems that
the coronavirus is currently targeting
other states besides New York
Knowing where the enemy is aiming,
we can advance the battle to the
advantage. This is because we can
defend where the enemy is aiming.

Also, we have to focus our attention
on states other than New York and
stop Corona’s movements. We are
already the Goalkeeper of the World’s
Best Soccer Team.
“Beyond here, I will definitely never
put enemy in !!”
“To any states other than New York,
I’ll never let corona in !!”
This strong heart is important.
The Determined Strong Heart beats
the enemy (corona).
Especially young people, please make
a Strong Decision to “Stop corona”
and “Defeat them”.
Just “Deciding strongly” stop the
movement of the corona.
Because it is power.
It is the strongest weapon to defeat

Here, what is Act ①’s Action of
Making Strong Decision” is the
Best Action of Mercy.
Because it blocks and defeats
the coronavirus path.

(Table 4)

As I said earlier, we already have the
philosophy and weapons to beat
any enemy. Three Bodies is that.
If you have 2.Main body, 3.Essentials,
4.Effect, you can beat any enemy.
Because, if we merge our action of
wisdom and mercy (3. Essentials) with
the Law of Origin (2. Main body),
we will gain the foundation to work
in a vast infinite phenomena world
through the Law of Origin. And
combining 2 and 3 and create the
powerful Effect of a “finite amount
and infinite amount” there. And we
can direct that power to the coronavirus.
Since the Effect of infinite amount is
the “Effect that occurs continuously
until the problem is completely
resolved,” so the effect will surely
eradicate the virus.
To make this “Continuous Effect” to
actually work, it is important not to
give up. Keep fighting. Each time you
hit the wall, you exert your wisdom
and continue to create powerful
Effects. “Continuity” means that.

Therefore, we use this philosophy
and power to protect all states,
including New York, from the
However, right now, the Coronavirus is
targeting states other than New York,
so we’ll protect them from getting there.
Defending there also protects New York
State. With a strong heart and the
philosophy of Three Bodies, we will
protect that line.

A nurse in a New York Hospital was
crying and complaining in a video.
“All the co-workers’ nurses, brothers
and sisters who were looking after
the patient, lost life. Everyone is trying
hard, doing their best, but couldn’t
save the patient. I’m sad and sorry … ”

We wll fight with all our might to stop
such tragedy.
Currently, the medical field is a battlefield.
Everyone is desperately fighting and
working. We also have to fight with
Next, we need to get accurate
information quickly to win. Please check
daily, the number of infected people in
the United States using the above URL
Site and Daily TV News. And make a note
of that data somewhere. Every day.
And if the number of infected people
in the United States starts to decline,
that is a Sign of Victory.
Depends on whether you do this
Confirmation Work or not, the outcome
of the battle is completely different.
On the Main Battlefield, the one who
gets the New Information earlier wins.
You are on the battlefield with me
right now. Obtaining accurate
information quickly is the key to victory.

Why do viruses target America?

America is the center country of
the Liberal Camp.
America is the strongest country
in the capitalist world.
So they aim.
Think from their (virus’s) point of view.
If you defeat the central country America,
you can defeat the whole world.
You can defeat all humanity.
That’s why they aim.
So we can not let the enemies get all the
way, to states other than New York.
It is the World’s Maginot Line*.
Defend it desparately.

Again, the most important thing is to
reduce the number of people who are
infected in the United States every day.
Once you realized that, that is the
Win” of this battle. It will lead to other
problems solving. (As I said above)

*Maginot Line: A French fortification
line built around the French-German
border. It was a fortress that the French
army risked thier life to protect. The name
of Maginot is the French Army Minister
André Maginot (1877-1932) comes from
the name.

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