The Reason why Wisdom action is necessary to make the Buddha-nature appear

This excerpt is a sentence that talks
about the fifth characteristic of the
five characteristics of Buddha-nature

5. The Reason why Wisdom action
necessary to make the Buddha-
     nature appear

Next, I will talk about Wisdom action.
Wisdom action is to have the perspective
that “The evil king and the good king
are the same in that they have Buddha-
nature as the main body.”
Basically, by doing Mercy action with
this perspective, you can turn
an Evil king into a Good king.


Besides Mercy action, why will it be
necessary to have this perspective?


This is because when you perform
Mercy action on a person close to
you with this perspective,
that Mercy action becomes
“The Mercy action based on
And your Mercy action is greatly
expanded and strengthened through 
the Buddha-nature existence form
of “One and at the same time infinite
amount, and infinite amount and
at the same time one,” and that effect
works on “innumerable people and

In that case, “One” is a Mercy action
you do, and it means that it acts on
a myriad of people and phenomena.
As I said earlier.
Among that “innumerable people,”
there is Evil king too.
By your Mercy action, Buddha-nature
will appear in the heart of the Evil king,
Mercy heart arises in his heart, and
he converts into a Good king.

On the contrary, if you do Mercy
action without this view, it will not
become the Mercy action based on
Buddha-nature, but just a Mercy action.
Then, it is difficult to convert
an Evil king into a Good king.
Nor it becomes the Mercy action that
can bring effects on “many people”
and “many phenomena.” Because its
power is not expanded or strengthened,
since it is not the Mercy action based on


Why do we need  Wisdom action to
have the perspective of “The evil king
and the good king are the same in that
they have Buddha-nature as the main


This is because in order for you
to stand in that perspective,
you need first confirm the existence
of “Buddha-nature”
 by Wisdom.
And you must, by your wisdom,
confirm that Buddha-nature is indeed
“a powerful existence” in the real
Therefore, these are the jobs of
your wisdom.

“Agreement on Grain Export
Corridor” is the result of your
Mercy action

Let me give you one analogy.
For example, on July 22nd the other
day, an agreement was signed to
set up a “Grain Export Corridor” to
export large amounts of grain that
had previously remained on the
Black Sea coast of Ukraine.
That is, it is A Four-Party Agreement”
Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and
the United Nations.” (Figure below)

This agreement was achieved
by discussions and agreements
between Russia and Ukraine
through the mediation of the
United Nations and Turkey.
The agreement raised the possibility
that the problem of “The Global
Food Crisis” will be resolved.
It is expected to resume exports of
25 million tons of grain from three
ports, including Odessa, Ukraine.

UN Secretary-General António
Guterres said that while efforts still
need to be made towards a final
“Finally, the light of hope to alleviate
hunger in the world has come.

The achievement of this agreement
is actually the result of “The Mercy
 that you thought and wish for
the “increase of luck” for one person
close to you.
The effect of your Mercy action was
expanded and strengthened through
Buddha-nature, and Buddha-nature
appeared in the heart of Russian
President Putin, and Mercy heart arose.
If his Mercy heart for the “World Food
Crisis” did not arise, “The Grain Export
Corridor” would not have been agreed.

Certainly, “The Grain Export Corridor
Agreement” alone is not yet complete.
The day after the agreement was
signed, Russia made a missile attack
on Ukraine’s grain export hub, Odessa.
As it’s reason, the Russian side is
demanding “lifting the export ban on
Russian wheat,” which is one of the
Economic Sanctions by the West.
However, Russian Foreign Minister
Sergey Lavrov said
“This attack will not hinder the
implementation of the’ Grain Export
Corridor’ ” (24th).
In other words, he’s saying, that the
export corridor will be implemented. 

In Ukraine, there are still fierce battles
going on.
In this way, there will still be various
difficulties before the agreement
text is actually implemented.

However, the signing of the
agreement is a major achievement
in itself.
Why did that achievement come out?

Because you have done Mercy action
to some person close to you based on
Buddha-nature. The power of that
Mercy action was expanded and
strengthened, which led to this

Therefore, if you continue to do this
kind of Mercy action, all phenomena
will basically move toward the
“End of the war,”
even if various events
occur along the way.

By experiencing such Causal
Relationship several times, you will
be able to confirm the existence of
Buddha-nature and be strongly
convinced of its power.
Therefore, it is the role of
your Wisdom 
to confirm the
existence of Buddha-nature.
In this way, when you do Mercy action
with the perspective of
“The evil king and the good king are the
same in that they have Buddha-nature
as the main body,”
your Mercy action becomes a Buddha-
nature-based Mercy action and
it transforms an Evil king into a Good king.
And the war will be over.

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