“The first half of 4 Effect” in 5 items

In “4 Effect – First half“, I talk through the
Second US-North Korea Summit Meeting
(February 27th, 2019)”.
Contents will proceed according to the 
following table.

Lead to success the second round of the 
US-North Korean summit in order to open 
the beginning of world peace

1 The summit will be held based on 
   international law and the treaty of the 
   United Nations
2 Partial law exerts a strong effect by 
   being one set with the law of the origin
3 The time of the summit meeting is 
   the time of chance to open up a new 
   peace society

Now I revised today on 28th an
“Article on the second US-North Korea
Summit Meeting” created on Twitter
on 26th, as follows: 


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