Talk about the Law of Origin through the passage of time

Talk about the Law of Origin
through the passage of time

So far, I have talked about the
Law of Origin” through the vast
phenomenon world spreading horizontally.
But in this article, I will talk about the
Law of Origin through the “passage of time
vertically.  Of course, I will talk about it
through the vast world of phenomena
spreading horizontally, but in this article,
I will focus on the relation between the
vertical “world of time” and the “Law of

The passage of time means
Past, Present, and Future.” However,
the Past mentioned here does not mean
the past from when you were born to
the present, but includes the past
before you were born. Similarly, the
Future mentioned here includes the
entire distant future after you die.

Now, I draw the following analogy in
talking about the Law of Origin through
the passage of time. 
Please read with looking at the
Figure below.”

Now there are two office workers
here, A and B. Both are ordinary
office workers.
One day, when A goes to work, he gets
$ 500 job. For A, a $ 500 job in one work
is a rare job that can be done or not in
a year.
So what did A do the day before?
He did not do anything. However,
the next day, he went to work and
could get $ 500 job.

Next, B, the day before the work day,
B read well, thought well and understood
well the correct information about the
Law of Origin. B also told people about
the information. B isn’t an expert, so
he did them normally in his own way. 
The next day, when B goes to work,
he could get $ 150 job. This is the
average amount for the company of
A and B.

About the progress of work of A and B
as mentioned above, how would you
interpret it, if you were?
And by what causal relationship do you
explain it, if there is any causality ?
The content of the job can be anything.
Apply it to your profession.
For example, in the case of sales
between companies, A could get the
“work from three companies,” while B
could “only one company.”
Whatever the shape, A was able to
get three times as much work as B
on the next day.

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