Introduction and information on the article “The power of the law to expand the power of citizens ‘goodness”


In this post, I extract some articles from 
Title5, 8, 9 and 10, and publish it in part. 
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Excerpt from Title 5
However. the meaning that “Buddha-nature is in all the phenomena world”, 
if I talk with an example, is as follows.

Since Buddha-nature is in all the 
phenomena world, it is not difficult 
to move or rearrange actual phenomena 
for Buddha-nature. “Buddha-nature is in all 
the phenomena world” is such meaning.
Suppose, for example, a salesman is 
walking outside looking for work. 
Alternatively, he may be that engaging 
in sales activities by telephone within the 

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Excerpt from Title 8

Until now when I’ve talked about the
Buddha-nature, I draw a case example
among the sentence, and talked about
Buddha -nature as if it is an “existence
with intention and desire ” like a human
being. That is because if I do not speak
in such a form, I could not convey to
you the fact that “that is a contract”.
However in fact, Buddha-nature is not
an “existence with intention”.

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Excerpt from Title 9

However, you mentioned earlier 
that “Buddha-nature wants to lead 
people and society to happiness”. 
If there is no such desire or intention 
in Buddha-nature, no matter how 
much people do good, the contract 
will not be established.

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To summarize what I have described 
so far, the process until people know 
the existence of Buddha-nature, and 
work on it and demonstrate the power 
of the law, is as follows.

The law of Buddha-nature exists also 
in myself. Although it exists in the 
outside phenomenon world, it exists 
also in myself.

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Excerpt from Title 10

The reason why I talked about 
“the role of the law” or “relationship 
between law and people” in detail 
so far is to expand and strengthen 
the power and efficacy of good deeds 
done by people (individuals) on a daily 
Why is it necessary to do so? 
That is because many problems 
that occur in society, including 
international affairs, are still often 
occurring on a huge scale, such as 
where they are out of reach by the 
power of individuals. From now on, 
this tendency will become 
increasingly prominent.

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