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Excerpt from Title 5
However. the meaning that “Buddha-nature is in all the phenomena world”, 
if I talk with an example, is as follows.

Since Buddha-nature is in all the 
phenomena world, it is not difficult 
to move or rearrange actual phenomena 
for Buddha-nature. “Buddha-nature is in all 
the phenomena world” is such meaning.
Suppose, for example, a salesman is 
walking outside looking for work. 
Alternatively, he may be that engaging 
in sales activities by telephone within the 

In that case, if Buddha-nature wishs, 
Buddha-nature can rearrange the 

movements of the phenomenon and 
direct good customers to that salesman, 
or bring rare business opportunities to him.
Also, if the relationship of husband and wife, 
Buddha-nature can make her husband, 
who is often usually difficult and bad mood, 
to be in a good mood. Conversely, it is also 
possible to change the attitude and 
wording of the wife into a polite, 
heartfelt thing.
In this case, the important point is, 
in order to make better mood of her 
husband, Buddha-nature rearrange 
all the events of that background, such 
as for example, the events and human 
relationships within the company, 
economic trends surrounding the 
company, social and international 
circumstances, and until the natural 
phenomenon such as weather. 
Rearranging one phenomenon is 
exactly such a thing.
For instance, the economy of the 
world is bad and the company’s 
management status is not good. 
Salaries are also reduced. In that state, 
how can you make your husband’s 
mind to be in good mood?
Therefore, in order to change one 
phenomenon, it is necessary to 
rearrange the myriad of phenomena 
related behind it. Without the ability to 
freely reorganize such innumerable 
phenomena, it is impossible to rearrange 
one phenomenon. When it comes to 
such reorganization, you have to 
connect with the Buddha-nature existing 
in the phenomena world in general, 
or move Buddha-nature.

However in order to realize the above-mentioned things, it is the case that if 
you could make Buddha-nature wish to 
do it. If you could not make Buddha-
nature wish to do it, there is no reason 

for Buddha-nature to help you or cheer 
Then, how can you make Buddha-nature 
wish to do it ?
To do that, it is OK if you do what Buddha-
nature wishs from daily.
Then what does Buddha-nature wish for? 

Buddha-nature wants more people to be 
happy. In addition, Buddha nature wants 
to lead the people of the whole world to 
happiness. Therefore, each individual 
do initiatory in each respective positions, 
a concrete task for that purpose. 
In summary, the work that Buddha-nature’s 
wishes for people to do is basically 
the next two acts.

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Excerpt from Title 8

Until now when I’ve talked about the
Buddha-nature, I draw a case example
among the sentence, and talked about
Buddha -nature as if it is an “existence
with intention and desire ” like a human
being. That is because if I do not speak
in such a form, I could not convey to
you the fact that “that is a contract”.
However in fact, Buddha-nature is not
an “existence with intention”.

Because the essence of Buddha-
nature is “law” to the last. There is no
intention or desire as people have,
in the law.
In this case, there is a distinction
named 所成Shosei and 能成Nousei
between “law” and a “person with
Shosei is a “nature that is established
by being worked from outside”.
Conversely, Nousei is a “nature that is
established by working from itself.”
That is, Shosei is Passive and Nousei 

is Active.
Since Buddha-nature is a law, it is the
former “Shosei=Passive”. Therefore,
if it does not receive Nousei ‘s approach
of “human wisdom and behavior”, its
existence will not be established.
Moreover, even if Buddha-nature has
the mighty power and the power to
overcome, those powers will never be
demonstrated forever as long as it
dose not receive “human approach”.
In general, the nature of law is such.
For example, “Science Law and Medical
Law” mentioned earlier, even if there
are only them, the power is not
demonstrated. When the wisdom and
actions of scientists and doctors
actively work on them, the power of
those laws will be demonstrated for
the first time. Social law is also the
same. Even if society has law only, the
power of the law will not be exerted
to society, unless there are active
resolve and actions of people who
“keep the law”.

Buddha-nature is also the same.
Since Buddha-nature is a law, its
power will be exerted for the first
time by receiving “wisdom and
actions of people”. When you use
“Buddha-nature’s law” which shows
strong effect in international society
and the world, you need to understand
the relationship between this
“law and people” well.

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Excerpt from Title 9

However, you mentioned earlier 
that “Buddha-nature wants to lead 
people and society to happiness”. 
If there is no such desire or intention 
in Buddha-nature, no matter how 
much people do good, the contract 
will not be established.

In Buddha-nature, there is no desire 
nor intention like people have, but the 
essential characteristic of the law of 
Buddha- nature is “mercy”. If I talk 
about this with a case example, all the 
laws in the world are made with a 
useful direction for people’s lives and 
happiness. For example, laws of politics 
and economics, laws of science and 
so on. If there is a deficiency in the 
contents of those laws, it will be 
improved in that direction. Because 
“being useful for human happiness” is 
the mission and role of social law. 
And that is the essential characteristics 
of those laws.

Likewise, the essential characteristics 
of Buddha-nature’s law is also “mercy”. 
This is a characteristics that Buddha-
nature originally has. Therefore, 

if a person acts and exercises wisdom 
in such a way that it adapts to the 
characteristics of its mercy, it can 
realize cooperation with Buddha-
nature, and can exert the power of 

Buddha-nature. Also, “being able to 
do that” become an empirical proof, 
you can see that the essential 
characteristics of Buddha-nature is 

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To summarize what I have described 
so far, the process until people know 
the existence of Buddha-nature, and 
work on it and demonstrate the power 
of the law, is as follows.

The law of Buddha-nature exists also 
in myself. Although it exists in the 
outside phenomenon world, it exists 
also in myself.

You can know for the first time the 
fact that “Buddha-nature is within 
you” by touching the information 
and knowledge that it exists. 
And if you find that it exists, 
you will work on it through wisdom 
and behavior like Acts ① and ② as 
mentioned above, and draw out the 
treasure and power from the treasure 
warehouse of that law. Treasure 
warehouse of the law of Buddha-
nature are full of treasure and power. 
Because that treasure is Passive, 
people ‘s wisdom and behavior — 
basically those will be exerted by 
working of acts ① and ②. The exerted 
power will lead to solving many 
problems both inside and outside. ※

※The point to note in this process is 
that treasure and power are derived 
from the “law” to the last. The law is 
a treasure warehouse.
On the other hand, the role of Acts ① 
and ②, which is human wisdom and 
behavior, is to open the doors of 
treasure warehouse of the law and 
extract  treasure.

 The above position is that both “active 
wisdom and action” and “passive law” 
exist in myself. And, it is the course 
that you recognize both of those 
existence well, guide them skillfully, 
and exert their power.
Although the above process may be 
unbelievable, it can be learned by 
seeing the fact that various problems 
both inside and outside are solved 
in reality.

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Excerpt from Title 10

The reason why I talked about 
“the role of the law” or “relationship 
between law and people” in detail 
so far is to expand and strengthen 
the power and efficacy of good deeds 
done by people (individuals) on a daily 
Why is it necessary to do so? 
That is because many problems 
that occur in society, including 
international affairs, are still often 
occurring on a huge scale, such as 
where they are out of reach by the 
power of individuals. From now on, 
this tendency will become 
increasingly prominent.

Especially I worry that the science 
will develop more and more in the 
future, the era of IoT (Internet of Thing) 
will arrive in earnest, AI and robots 
will develop more and more.
At that stage, it is a question of how 
humans can use the products of 
these advanced sciences for human 
For that, I think that it is necessary 
for people to notice the existence 
of a treasure warehouse of the 
complete law (Treasury of mercy) 
called “laws of all phenomena worlds” 
and draw out treasure and power 
from there.

Also, there are many things to be 
concerned about future social trends.
For example, nuclear tests with 
unknown intention or objective, 
forcible launch experiments on 
ballistic missiles, Large and small 
gun crime by madman and terrorist,
Indiscriminate suicide bombing 
aiming at large cities (September 11, 
2001 Terrorist attacks in the United 
States, Gun shooting in Las Vegas 
in 2017etc.), 
Ethnic problems with deep root and 
racial discrimination problem,
In recent years Intensified trade 
war between the US and China,
Great stock market crash,
Various national conflicts, ethnic
 conflicts, religious conflicts, various 
conflicts and the like as seen in the 
Middle East are global gunpowder 
stores, Other, refugee problems, 
poverty problems, crime, problems 
of expanding economic disparity,
Various problems in the educational 
world that occur on a global scale 
(Speech and violence hurting 
children’s hearts).
Marine pollution by plastic garbage,
Global warming by carbon dioxide,
The sharp decline of the glaciers 
in the Arctic and Antarctic,
Various environmental pollution, 
abnormal weather,
Cyber crime on the net, Concerned 
issues of the relationship between 
robot and person,– Until illegal 
poaching in extensive Africa, crime, 
conflict, poverty, education problems, 
Even one of these is a problem that 
can not be easily thought out. If you 
not to be careful, these will cause 
enormous damage to innocent people.

I think that those who essentially solve 
these problems are basically “citizens”. 
Because citizens are sovereign of the 
highest powers under democracy.
The power of the law substantially 
realizes that. Therefore the power of 
goodness that the citizen does(performe) 
is originally mighty. It also acts extensively.
It is possible to solve problems of big 
scale as well as problems occurring 
in distant places, if the citizen expands 
and strengthens the power of their good 
wisdom and good deeds by the power of 
law. Also, “perfect defense” of many 
citizens is possible.

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