Purpose of the Research Papers
on the Site

“Effectiveness of the Law of  Origin” 
described in the paper on this site acts
to everyone regardless of differences
in nationality, ethnicity, gender, age,
wealth, educational background, status
etc.  It also works regardless of religious 
The important point, however, is
that the papers on the site is not
written for the spread of Buddhism.
What I am talking about is about the 
law called “Buddha-Nature / the Law of 
the Origin” that was born and awakened 
in the Buddhism civilization, so that 
it may be thought as it speaks for the 
spread and introduction of Buddhism. 
But that is not the case.
This paper is written to study the law 
which Buddha preached as “General law” 
academically and introduce it to the 
world. And I write because I think that 
it will help to contribute to the realization 
of international peace and international 
cooperation and the happiness and 
prosperity of each individual.

Buddha realized this law, Buddha-Nature
/ the Law of Origin as “General law.”
However, its name was the Buddhist term 
This is because in this era — especially 
in the pre-modern era — for those who 
found the truth, there was no other 
way of expression other than the 
language of civilization and religion 
used in the state to which they belong.
For example, if a Greek person discovers 
a certain truth, that truth was expressed 
in Greek which was strongly influenced 
by Greek civilization and its religion. 
If it is the era of Roman, it was expressed 
in Latin. And in the days when Christians 
were state religions — from the Middle 
Ages of Europe to the Early Modern Period 
— Even if the discovered truth was 
a “General Truth“, it was expressed in 
Christian religious terms. This situation 
does not change in Buddhism, Islam, or 
any other religion.

When the age enter into modern, 
in order to study the truths found by 
these geniuses purely academically, 
they have often been studied 
objectively outside the framework 
of civilization, religion and state.
Then, it was examined in detail 
whether the truth is a truth that 
applies only to a specific religion, 
civilization, or nation, or whether 
it is a truth that leads to the general 
phenomena world and its movement, 
etc. In addition, whether it can be 
explained scientifically was also 
an important verification item. 
It was “Study of Religion(1) that 
was born in this way, and other study 
of Religious Sociology and 
Comparative Religion.
Such studies are still conducted at 
research institutes of many prominent 
universities in the United States, where 
research on religious thought and 
philosophy is carried out under 
scientific thinking method.

(1)Study of Religion was originally part
of Christian theology, but later became
independent and became a study of
ideas, religions, and philosophies in
fields other than Christian theology.
Historically, this has a deep connection
with “Colonialism” in the 19th and
20th centuries. The western civilizations
that ruled much of the colonies—
the Western powers—needed to
theoretically study the thought and
ideas of other ethnic groups. Along with
that,  a momentum to study non-Christian
religions and philosophies academically

The word “Buddha-Nature (the Law 
of Origin)” in my paper is also for 
the purpose of examining it as 
a General Truth outside the scope of 
Buddhism, and it is the same as the 
position of Study of Religion or 
Comparative Religion.
However, I sometimes draw Buddhist 
doctrines and literature in my paper, 
or talk about the history of Buddhism. 
However, that is only for research.
Since the ”Law of Origin” was born 
and awakened in the civilization of 
Buddhism, it is necessary to dig 
deeper and study the contents of the 
law, the history of Buddhism, the life 
of Buddha, and the teachings and 
information that Buddha preached. 
And it must be studied objectively and 
used as a reference material. In addition, 
there is also a case to do classify and 
study the doctrines that Buddha preached.
That is completely different from
Buddhism’s “faith and missionizing issue.”
Faith is a matter of personal choice. 
Its choice is entirely at the discretion of 
each individual, which is different from 
the main point of this site. 
The purpose of this Site is to study
philosophy of religion scholarly and use
the study to build international peace
and establish personal happiness.

Another important point is that in
order to achieve international peace
and international cooperation,
we must work with many other people
of good thoughts and religion.
In that case, when it comes to dialogue 
between different religions, it is true 
that there is a “Difference” in thought 
and doctrines in each religion. However, 
I think it is important to overcome it and 
talk with each other for peace and 
coordination of society, country, and 
international society where each other 

On the Importance of Dialogue 
with Christianity

Also, when it comes to dialogue 
between religions in order to realize 
international peace or international 
cooperation, I think in particular the 
dialogue with Christianity will be 
Because Christianity has a history 
of establishing the ethics and spirit 
of Western civilization.
Christianity, has taken on the wing 
of one side to establish today’s 
Western civilization along with the 
“western scientific spirit”, which 
was originated in Greece and 
developed after the Renaissance. 
And I think that it is a historical fact
that it has played a role of the spiritual
support of Westerners. In addition, 
I think that the role that Christianity 
has played was large in forming the 
foundation of today’s Democracy.

Even if you are not Christian, I think 
that some of your family, relatives 
and friends are Christians. 
Also you may be Christians.
Speaking from the relationship with 
the ”Law of Origin” that is described 
in this site, even if you are a Christian, 
if you take the prescribed actions that 
I have told  you, the power of the Law 
of Origin will be exerted and the power 
of the goodness and good deeds of 
the Christians will be further expanded 
and strengthened.

In addition, even if you are not 
a Christian, if you perform the 
prescribed action (procedure), the 
Law of Origin will expand and 
strengthen the power of your good 
deeds and support your life. And 
that will have an immeasurable 
impact on your society and the 
international community.

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