Examining President Biden’s Policy Address

The pace of recovery in the US economy
is accelerating.
Retail sales in March, which show trends
in personal consumption, recorded
a significant increase of 9.8% compared
to the previous month.
Last year in 2020, the number of people
infected with the new coronavirus
became the highest in the world, and
the US economy fell to the negative
level for the first time in 74 years.
In April 2020, employment statistics
announced an unemployment rate of
14.7%, the worst level since the Great
Depression in the 1930s.
However, this year’s GDP growth rate
was increased to 6.4%, and a V-shaped
recovery is expected (IMF forecast).
This is really great.
I’m really glad when the American
economy develops.

President Biden celebrated his 100th
day in office and declared in a policy
speech at the US Congress on April 28
that “America has begun to move again.”
And he emphasized the results of the
Rescue Plan” that he has has
implemented so far.
“Since taking office, I have promised 100
million doses of the new coronavirus vaccine
in 100 days, but this 100-day dose will be
more than 220 million.”
“It has also created more than 1.3 million
new jobs in the last 100 days.”
Certainly, the coronavirus infection situation
in the United States is recovering at an
amazing speed. The death toll is also
decreasing. (Figure below)

On May 5, the CDC (Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention) made the following
predictions about the future status of
coronavirus infection in the United States.
The forecast is, based on the spread of
vaccines and thorough implementation
of basic measures such as wearing masks,
and securing interpersonal distance
(social distance), the number of people per
week would dramatically decrease from
today’s 350,000 (about 50,000 a day) to
tens of thousands per week (thousands
per day)in July.
However, on the other hand, the CDC
cautions that the situation may worsen in
the future under the “emergence of new
mutant viruses for which vaccines do not
work” and “under the circumstances
where the basic measures are not well

Also on this site, I have published so far
many Articles on measures against
coronavirus infection in the United States.
The reason why you were able to
achieve the drastic decrease in the
infection situation as it is today, is that
you were able to exert the power of the
Law of Origin
 by practicing the acts of
Mercy and Wisdom of Act ① and Act ②. 
Thereby,  a good vaccine was developed
in the field of medicine, which is
a specialized law, became widespread
and led to such results.
Certainly, the power of vaccines
developed in the field of life science,
which is a specialized law, is great, but
please always convince by your wisdom,
that the “power of the Law of Origin”
that maximized its power.
In the future, if you continue such a form
of “Utilizing both the Law of Origin and
specialized law
,” whatever problems arise
in the future, and no matter what kind of
mutant virus appears, you will be able to
resolve them.

Next, in his policy speech, President Biden
set out a “Jobs Plan” to create employment
by launching an “infrastructure development
project” as an economic measure in the future.
73% of U.S. citizens said they “support”
the economic policy stated in Mr. Biden’s
policy address in Congress on April 28,
so I think there was support from
a considerable number of U.S. citizens.
In addition, the president has announced
that he will also consider a “Family Plan” to
invest $ 2 trillion yen in the fields of social
security and education. These look like this:

Rescue Plan   $ 2 trillion               

Jobs Plan         $ 2.2 trillion             

Family Plan      $ 2 trillion

Speaking of Jobs plan, it is reminiscent of
the New Deal Policy implemented by President
Roosevelt after World War II. The New Deal has
created a large amount of jobs in the United
States by conducting large-scale public works
projects in order to rebuild the world economy
which was damaged by the Great Depression.

Also, this plan is reminiscent of the
Trickle-Down Effect” implemented by President
Reagan in the 1980s. The “Trickle-Down Effect”
is similar to the “Jobs plan” at first glance, but
the content is completely different.
The “Trickle-Down Effect” was a policy that
if tax cuts were implemented for large
corporations and the wealthy, the rich would
be rich and the wealth would also trickle-down
on the poor people. Opinions were largely divided
among the Republicans at that time.
President Biden is criticizing “It has never worked.”
Perhaps this policy was a plan that played
a certain role in the days of President Reagan
in the 1980s.

In this Jobs plan, we will impose tax increases on
large corporations and high net worth individuals,
and will start businesses by repairing and
constructing aging bridges and roads in the United
States, improving infrastructure, and climate
change countermeasures, etc. And it has the
particular purpose of “rebuilding the economic
power of middle-class citizens in the United States.

For this plan, Amazon.com has already announced
its support. That is, Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos 
said on April 6 that he “supports a corporate
tax hike” as part of a radical overhaul of
However, there are also opponents. In addition,
there are many voices requesting corrections
regarding the tax rate of tax increases
The idea behind the “Jobs Plan” is a policy
that American companies and 1% of the
wealthy are trying to bear a fair burden and
boost the American economy, including the
middle class in the United States, at once.

President Biden said
“It’s time for American businesses and
1% of the wealthy to bear the fair burden.
Make a shape of Rewarding labor,
not building wealth.”
The president also said,
We are the United States.”
Behind this seems to be the Founding Spirit 
of “America is a nation that is established
in cooperation by everyone’s voluntary will.”

For Jobs plan, opponents such as the
US Chamber of Commerce and Democratic
Senator Joe Manchin (Virginia) claim that
the 28% tax rate is too high. However,
Congressman Manchin is in a position to
support if it’s 25%.
President Biden says he would listen to
the amendment in the future.

US military withdrawal policy
from Afghanistan

In addition, President Biden also mentioned
the “US military withdrawal policy from
I think this also has to be achieved. We need
to rest the soldiers exhausted from the long
war and reassure their families waiting for
their return in their homeland.
About this too, it is important that you
practice the Act①とAct②’s Mercy and Wisdom
action under the Law of Origin, and maximize
the power of International law and other
Specialized laws in various political, economic
and diplomatic fields. Because that becomes
the key to smoothly promoting the
US military withdrawal policy.”

The important thing at that time is to inform
one of the citizens of developing countries
including Afghanistan, of the Law of Origin.
One of the citizens is OK. Then the future
outcomes of that country will be completely
different. If you let one know, that one will
practice the Law of Origin and bring peace
and stability to their country.

Also, there is no need to change the
religion they have had for a long time.
The choice of religion is personal freedom.
If they practice the Law of Origin, he (or she)
will protect the goodness and characteristic
of goodness of their own religion by the
power of law. The power of justice and
goodness of each religion will become exerted.

Also, all Gods honors those who practice the
law and do good. Moreover, the Law of Origin
is the source of the power of all Gods.
If there is a person who practices that law,
the power of the law will be exerted, 
Gods will be empowered by that, and the
empowered Gods will protect the people.
It’s such a Cycle.
God is translated “One who wins, Victor.”

“Policy toward China” and “Future
of Democracy”

Next, President Biden made a strong
reference to China’s policy externally in
his policy address.

“China’s Xi Jinping Jintao, is serious
about trying to be the most important
and influential country in the world.
Tyranny leaders including him, believes
that democracy takes too long to reach
consensus and cannot compete with
tyranny in the 21st century.”

Also about this thing, if each of you, with
the Law of Origin (Myō-Hō), becomes the
King of Law and supports Democracy,
Democracy will win in the 21st century and
this political system will be eternal.

Also, if you become the king of law and
support Democracy, I believe that America
will become the world’s leading and
strongest democracy. Because you are
the sovereign who supports democratic
Also, if that happens, the process of
making good policy decisions will be
faster and more consensus will be
reached, even in a democracy.

President Biden’s words,
“There is nothing that can’t be achieved
if we work together,”
“We are the United States,”
and “I believe that everything can be
achieved,” will surely come true.

The Law of Origin is the fundamental law
that makes use of all political systems
in the world.
If your power make the power of the
“Law of Origin” to be exerted, all political,
economic and cultural systems and
organizations will exert their original
powers of goodness and be revived.
And each system and organization will
come to protect the well-being and safety
of citizens with their own power.
For instance, when it rains from heaven,
even if rain is only one type, that will
cause innumerable types of plants to
sprout, grow, and bear fruit from the

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