Donations having the meaning of “Investment in the future”

Thank you for your continued patronage to
Alam Communication Society (ACS). Also,
thank you for all the wonderful and heartfelt
comments. I appreciate you.
The other day, Alam Communication has
moved to the Alam Communication Society.
However, many people still open Alam
Communication, so I decided to continue the
website for a while. The content of both
websites will remain the same. However,
I hope you to move to ACS if possible.

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(Foundation of Fund)
The Alam Communication Society
corporate website has established
a Fund. The Fund will be maintained
by the sincere cooperation of all of you.
The purpose of establishing the fund
is to inform the citizens of the world
about the “Information of the Law of
Origin,” which is the main purpose of
this site. And we will need Funds to
carry out a Full-scale Project for the
realization of peace in the international
community and for the happiness of
all citizens.

The current World Economy has been
severely damaged by the spread of
coronavirus infection. In such an Era,
there is an urgent need to inform the
citizens of the world about the “Law of
Origin,” which puts all phenomena in
the world under control. 
Because if people know the existence
of the Law of Origin and how to practice it,
they will understand it and work on that 
Law to expand the power of their own
good and wisdom and solve surrounding
problems. And they will open up their
own happiness.

The Alam Communication Society will 
plan in the future, the following in order
to inform the world about the Law of
Origin in earnest.
Until now, the translation of Articles was
mainly English, but in the future, we will
work with professional translators to
translate them into many languages
around the world such as Chinese, French,
German, Spanish, Arabic, etc. Of these,
translation into Chinese is especially
important. In order for China to develop
into a better international community in
the future, it is necessary to introduce
the Law of Origin.

The “Fund provided by your own volition”
by wishing for the happiness of all citizens,
will surely change – through the project,
which informs people of the Law of origin
as described above – the future of your
country, the current state, and lead the
happiness of all humanity.
I wish for your sincere support.
This fund includes not only the meaning
of Donation but also the meaning of
Project Participation” as well as
Investment in the future” to promote
peace and prosperity of human society.
There is no doubt that a great compliments
and rewards to your sincerity from the Law
of Origin will be assured.
The purpose of Alam Communication
Society is to increase the peace and
prosperity of the international community
and at the same time, to increase the
well-being and prosperity of every one
of you.

Masafumi Iwadate
Representative Director
Alam Communication Society
Tel:   08091782679
Website URL:

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