“Solid growth of recent US Economy achieved by your good deeds” has been completed

Significant improvement in
employment situation showing
strong growth in US economy

Since the launch of this website, 
I am really pleased that you have
practiced a lot of good deeds as well
as the action of mercy and wisdom of
ACT① and ACT②, along with the law
of the origin.
The result will have surely come into
the increase of your own happiness
and solving problems. However, not
only there, but it is also certainly
coming into American society and
the international community.
In particular, I would like to talk about
how that result is occurring in American
society and the international community
by taking up the following “Three Events.”

The first event was a dramatic
improvement in the US economy in
November 2019.
According to the November employment
statistics announced by the US
Department of Labor on December 6,
the number of non-agricultural
employees increased by 266,000 from
the previous month, exceeding the
market forecast of 180,000.
At the beginning of this year, in the
US government agencies, nine provinces
and related organizations, such as the
Ministry of Homeland Security and the
Ministry of Finance, were closed due to
strikes, and about 380,000 Federal
Government Officials were on standby
at home. Compared to that time, today’s
situation is very different.

One of the reasons for the improvement
in the US economy is the end of a strike
by a major US automaker. The increase
in the number of employees was
expected to some extent, reflecting
the return of employees to work.
However, even if that amount is
subtracted, improvement of this time
is seen as a solid figure overall.
This indicates that the US economy is
experiencing moderate and steady

Economic improvement is a major
indicator of a country’s prosperity.
America’s prosperity drives world
prosperity. Therefore it is important.
Moreover, achieving peace and
prosperity becomes a major factor
in annihilating war, conflict, terrorism,
and various crimes. Because when
the good power exerts its power,
the power of the evil power weakens
and declines.
Therefore, improving the economic
situation can be described in a broad
sense as “Victory of the Good Forces“.
It is also your victory that leads the
good citizens. I hope you will continue
this momentum in the future.

The situation in Syria has taken
a major step forward

Second, the “Situation in Syria” has
begun to move significantly towards
improvement. On October 6, 2019,
President Trump decided to withdraw
US troops stationed from Northern
Syria. Subsequently, Turkish troops
began a military invasion of northern
Syria, dominated by the Kurds (YPG),
and the situation were temporarily
turbulent (October 9).
However, since then, Turkish President
Adrian met Soviet President Putin
(October 22), and the two sides agreed
to establish a “Demilitarized Zone” in
northern Syria.
As a result, President Adrian said
he no longer  necessary a military
invasion and finally decided on a
Permanent Ceasefire.”
This is great news for Syria’s stability
and for many refugees. Turkey wants
to relocate up to 2 million of the
3.6 million Syrian refugees currently
displaced to Turkey to this safe haven.

Syria’s stability and prosperity is the
best way to rebuild it when Syrian
citizens return to their homeland.
This is the very first step towards the
realization. I think it is one of the great
results achieved by your actions wishing
for peace and non-war. Of course, Syria’s
peace is still not perfect, but I think it has
taken a big step forward.
I would like to keep an eye on it in the
future. (→ Details will be published later
in Menu’s Middle East article)

Realizing the First Four-Party
Summit M
eeting to solve
the Crimean problem

The third event is the realization of
the “First Four-Party Summit Meeting
(Image below) between Russia, Ukraine,
France and Germany in order to resolve
the long-running “Crimean problem= 
the Eastern Ukrainian Battle
The meeting was held on
December 10 this year at the Elysees
Palace in Paris, with the intervention
of France and Germany.
As a result of the talks, Ukraine and
Russia have agreed to Implement
a “complete and comprehensive
ceasefire” by the end of 2019 on the
eastern Ukrainian battle which have
been continued since 2014. 
(BBC News December 10)

What is “Battle in eastern Ukraine” is
the worst east-west conflict since
the end of the East and West Cold War
in 1989. (Above image)
The dispute broke out in 2014 when
Russia unilaterally annexed the Crimea
in southern Ukraine. Then in the
eastern part of Ukraine, Ukrainian
forces and pro-Russian rebels fought
for five and a half years. That has
killed 13,000 people so far.
The fact that the Four-Party Summit
have decided a “complete and
comprehensive ceasefire” in the
battle in eastern Ukraine is a major
step forward.
When Russia intervened in the
Crimean Peninsula in 2014,
it became a serious international
issue, including the rebound of Europe
and America against Russia and the
enforcement of economic sanctions.
And there was a fierce battle of five
and a half years. However, the realization
of this four-party talks seems to have
finally opened the way to a solution.
According to the agreement,
Ukraine and Russia have agreed to
release and exchange
“all POWs involved in the conflict” by
the end of the year. By March 2020,
three more areas had been withdrawn
from both sides. However, the specific
area name is not disclosed.
Furthermore, they plan to continue
discussing the progress of the
ceasefire over the next four months.

The achievement is largely due to
the contribution of President Zelensky 
of Ukraine.
Speaking of President Zelensky,
the allegation that President Trump
called him on July 25, 2019 and put
pressure on him in own election
matters has been now becoming
a political issue in the United States.
However, in Ukraine issue, President
Zelensky has virtually realized the
summit by giving Donbass region
a “special position” to hold a
constitutionally free and fair election
(See image below).
Because giving a “special position” to
Donbass region has been a long-standing
requirement of Russia as a prerequisite
for the realization of four-nation summit
meeting that includes France and
I think that the realization of the
Four-Party Talks this time was a result
of your action, when viewed

When Experts work on international
issues, they sometimes leave issues

When doing one job, there are always
two action, “Action of Cause and Action of
Result,” for any job. Action of Cause is work
when making a cause in the job, and Action
of Result is work when finishing the work.
This has been mentioned several times
in the past.
However, if you do these two actions
together with the law of the origin,
the two actions become “Action of Real
Cause and Action of Real Result,” preceded
by the letter “Real.”
This “Real” means “Real action” or
“Full-fledged action.”
Why is it a Real or Full-fledged action?
because It will be possible that
you can move all the phenomena
behind the work you are doing,
through the power of the law of
the origin. And you can move all the
necessary phenomena in the
direction that your work is perfectly
completed through this Law. 
Therefore, the probability that your
work will be completed will increase
in earnest. So it is a “Real Action,” 
a “Full-fledged Action.”
This is also applied when you solve
a problem that is occurring in the
international community.

However, in the international
community, for instance, when
politicians or leaders, diplomats or
professionals in various fields deal
with various international issues,
they do not know about the law of
the origin. So they do their job as  the
Action of mere ordinary Cause and
Result.” It is not the “Action of Real
Cause and Real Result” like you do.
In the case of the “Action of ordinary
Cause and Result”, you can only move
some of the phenomena behind the
problem as you wish. This is natural.
For instance, a military commander
can move his own army,  but he has
not be given the authority to move
politics or other country’s army.
Similarly, politicians, diplomats, and
professionals from all walks of life can
move some phenomena within their
area of responsibility, but not all
In this way, when you do the “Action
of ordinary Cause and Result,”――
unlike when using the law of the origin
――you can move only some of the
phenomena behind the problem.
As a result, when they tackle various
complex issues in the international
community, those issues sometimes
not completely finished. In other words,
when they work on international affairs,
their work may not be finished in
perfection because many phenomena
or problems that they cannot move

When applying this to the course of
the Action of Cause and that of Result,
their work stop somewhere in the
middle of the “Action of Cause,” and
does not reach to the “Action of Result
to do the finishing work.”

As a result, some problems remain
unresolved. Also, the job goes well
at first, but it hits a solid “wall” on the
way, and it sometimes falls into
a stalemate.

But that would be a problem for many
If state leaders leave issues unresolved,
conflicts and combat will continue, and
civilian lives will be involved and destroyed.
Many injuries and casualties can occur.
Also, many citizens may be displaced
from their homes and have to evacuate
to other countries.
Also, if the international community’s
problems remain unresolved, their effect
will have a major impact on the Lives of
Citizens in Developed Countries.
For instance, suppose a small
international problem that has been
left unresolved has evolved significantly
and a war has occurred somewhere.
If that happens, the developed nation
(the great power) would have to send
troops there. The president will invoke
a state of emergency, or Congress will
pass a military budget. It is also possible
that a “Conscription Warrant” will
reach young people in the country to
reinforce their armaments.
Certainly, the current US military is
composed of volunteers, and the
conscription system is now abolished.
(→ See (1) below)
However, if the international situation
changes, Congress can pass new bills
in response to changes in the situation.
Also, the president may decide on a new

The international situation is always
fluctuating and changing. We must be
always aware of this reality and have to
think about things. Even if now is
peaceful and prosperous, we don’t
know when it will crumble. There is
nothing fixed in this world. Everything
is changing, everything is keep moving.
Therefore, there is only good change
or bad change.
Therefore, “Building Peace” means
“changing” the current situation in
a positive direction. There is no fixed
and immutable peace. So we must
continue to fight at all times and
continue to change the international
situation in a positive direction for
peace. That is “Building Permanent

Looking back on the times of
the Vietnam War

For instance, let’s look back on the
Vietnam War in 1970. During the Vietnam
War, in fact, every young American was
imposed with several years of military
service. At that time, young high school
students and young people over the age
of 18 were registered for military service
and sent to mire battlefields in Vietnam.(1)

(1) American military service before
and after the Vietnam War
In November 1969, the US Congress

(the Democratic majority in both the
Senate and the House of Representatives)
passed the “Military Selective Conscription
Act of 1967,” signed by President Nixon
(Republican). The Military Selective
Conscription Act of 1967 is the system
that requires men 18 years and 6 months
to 35 years of age to register with the
Federal Selective Conscription Registry
and requires mandatory conscripts for
48 months of service. / However in January
1973, the U.S. government (President Nixon,
Republican Party) concluded a peace
agreement in the Vietnam War and decided
to withdraw US troops from Vietnam, and
suspended the recruitment registration
system under the Military Selective
Conscription Act. As a result, in the United
States, after World War II, the mandatory
selective military service system, which has
lasted for more than 30 years since the
Cold War in 1948, has closed for the time
being. And the troops in peacetime have
been replaced solely by “All-Volunteer Force.”

By Vietnam war, indeed more than half
a million American soldiers was sent to
Vietnam from the United States throughout. 
The total number of US soldiers mobilized
during the Vietnam War was 543,400,
of which approximately 58,191 were
At this time, the registration and duty
of military service were legally decided,
and no one could refuse. If he refused,
he was penalized considerably.

For example, professional boxing world
heavyweight champion Mohammed Ali 
was stripped of his champion status and
was suspended his boxing license, after
conscientious objection to military service. 
And he was charged with a five-year
prison sentence and a $ 10,000 fine in
the district court. But eventually he was
acquitted in the Supreme Court. He was
granted a license reinstatement three
and a half years after the license was
suspended, returning to work as
a professional boxer and later regaining

Even in ordinary households, if a future
young son is taken to war, the left family
is hard. Revenues are declined, and the
impact weighs heavily on households. 
The suffering is the same today. If war
now occurs, the same suffering will occur.

Also, the United States could not win
the Vietnam War.
However, why did the United States fail to win
the war during the Vietnam War, despite
sending such a mighty military and troops?
During World War II, the United States
beat Nazi Germany and the former
Japanese Army.
What was the difference?

One of the major factors in which the
United States could not win in the Vietnam
War is the “Lost Purpose” of US soldiers.
Unlike the war with Nazi Germany in
World War II, much of the battlefield
became the jungle of Vietnam.
And the form of fighting became guerrilla
In guerrilla warfare, enemy North
Vietnamese soldiers often dressed in
ordinary civilian clothing, rather than
military uniforms, hiding among citizens
of South Vietnam, an ally of the United
States. And when a US soldier arrived,
they suddenly fired their gun and
attacked. For this reason, American
soldiers accidentally harmed South
Vietnamese citizen who is an ally and
often burned their homes.
The “Songmi Village Case” is its
typical example.
As a result, many US soldiers no longer
knew what they were fighting for.
“Though I’m fighting for Vietnamese
peace , why I must burn the residences
of Vietnamese citizens?”
American soldiers could not have a firm
mission and purpose such as
“Destroying Fascism” as they had against
Nazi Germany. On the other hand, North
Vietnamese soldiers, seemed to had a
strong goal of protecting their homeland.
For the United States, Vietnam War was
not the war that could be won only by
bombing like the Nazi Germany and the
former Japanese Army. Nor were they
able to distinguish between the enemy
and the ally in military uniforms.
As a result, it is truly unfortunate that
many US soldiers suffered mental illness
and became dependent on drugs after
returning to their homeland. 
Also, it was sorry.
Later, in the United States, the anti-Vietnam
movement spread nationwide, and the
US President finally decided to withdraw
from Vietnam.
Shortly after the U.S. forces retreated,
the North Vietnamese troops moved
south (March 1975), dropping Saigon and
the Vietnam War has ended. In 1976,
North and South Vietnam was unified
as the “Vietnam Socialist Republic” with
Hanoi as the capital.

The number of casualties in the countries
involved in the Vietnam War is as follows.
South Vietnam Army――254,000 dead,
783,000 injured.
North Vietnam Army and PLA――1 million
dead in battle, 300,000 people are missing.
More than 2 million local civilians have died
in the war.
The total number of U.S. soldiers mobilized
to Vietnam as mentioned earlier, was
543,400, of which 58,191 were killed in war.

After all, war is something that hurt both
the enemy and allies and destroys both
the human mind and body.
Who is the winner?
Also, what state is it a victory?
With those things remain unknown, only
the suffering of everyone increases.
That is the war.
So what state is the “Real Victory”?
It is a Real Victory that “Peaceful
Resolution through Dialogue and
Consultation” without war.
Also, “To have a friendship between
countries” is a true victory. Moreover,
by this form,  citizens of both countries
can be the “win-win winners.”

The concrete action method of the
“Action of Real Result”

Return the story to the previous theme.
Earlier I said that when politicians and
various experts deal with international
affairs, they work in the form of the  
“Action of ordinary Cause and Result.”
In this case, it is right to leave the work
on international issues themselves to
their experts. Experts are well aware of
the various circumstances and are
well empirically skilled in how to deal
with problems.
However, they work with the “Action
of ordinary Cause and Result”, so the
power of the law of the origin does not
work. Therefore, the problem may not
be completely solved. In other words,
they may not be able to do the
“Finish Work” in perfect form. That is,
it is the “Action of Result.”

Therefore, you perform the “Action
of Real Result” with the law of the origin
and finish the work they left in the
middle of the “Action of Cause.”
If you perform the “Action of Real Result,”
you can use the power of the law of the
origin, so you can get the work done
in perfect form. Thus if you solve an
unresolved problem, the president,
politicians, and citizens will surely be

So how do you do the “Action of Real
You proceeds in the following manner.
It may be a bit difficult, but for example,
let’s say if there is an international issue
left unsolved. The problem has not yet
been solved due to many ongoing
battles and conflicts between countries.
At that time, you define in your mind,
“This problem was originally occurred
to reveal the law of the origin.”
Also you define as
“This problem has been occurring to
reveal the law of the origin.”
Also, you decide, “This problem as
occasion, I will reveal the power of
the law of the origin.”

Why is it so important that you
define and decide this way?
It is because no one really knows why
the problem occurred. Of course, there
may be various direct reasons.
For example, ethnic conflicts, economic
disparities, conflicts over the interests
of nations, and a variety of reasons are
intertwined, and that is occurring.
But nobody knows the real essential
reason. The “occurrence of a problem”
means the “occurrence of a phenomenon,”
and the cause of the phenomenon is
often found after decades have
Therefore, by defining it in your mind
in the form above, you first identify the
“Real Reason” that the problem
occurred. By doing so, the problem
really becomes the “problem occurred
to reveal the law of the origin.”
In other words, the law of the origin
accepts what you have defined and
it really becomes so.
Indeed, if you tackle the problem,
exert the power of the law of the
origin and finish it, the problem
becomes a “problem that occurred
to reveal the law of the origin” as
a result.
Even if the problem arises for
political, economic, or ethnic
reasons, they are the surface
reasons, and the real essential
reason is a “problem that occurred
to reveal the law of the origin.”
Because you end up it,
it becomes so.
With this point in mind, please
define with confidence various
international issues as described
above and treat them.

Next, when it becomes clear why
the problem has arisen, you perform
Act① and Act②’s act of mercy and
wisdom, reveal the law of the origin,
and with that power, end the problem
completely. That is the concrete way
of doing your “Action of Real Result.”
When organized,

1 Define the “Reason that
    the problem occurred.”

2 In addition to your good deeds,
    perform Act① and Act②’s act of
    mercy and wisdom.

3 Reveal the law of the origin and
    its power, and finish the problem.

Thinking about why the problem
occurred from the perspective of
the law of the origin

Considering the “Real Reason that
the problem occurred” from the
point of view of the law of the origin,
it would be as follows.

――The real cause that the problems
occur in the international community
is because if such a problem does not
occur, people would not try to know
about the law of the origin forever.
And if people do not know the
existence of the law of the origin, they
will face even more serious problems
in the future.
To prevent that, various problems
occur in society as well as in the
international community as relatively
small problems. With the small problems
as occasion, if people tackle them and
learn about the existence and power of
the law of the origin, they will be able to
adequately cope with the “more serious
situation” they will face in the future.
Also, the “occurrence of the problem”
itself can be prevented.

The law of the origin always
supports the specialized laws
and leads to solutions

Another point to keep in mind is that
whenever you execute the “Action of
Real Result” and solve unresolved
issues in the international community,
the results will always be those of the
president, politicians or the experts.
That is, even if you actually solved the
problem using the law of the origin,
ostensibly it becomes the form in
which they have finished it.
But that’s fine. The important thing is
that the problem is solved itself.
It is not who solved the problem.
It is more important that the problem
be solved than that. If the problem is
solved, it will save the life and lives of
many citizens. The result is important.
Also, this form is exactly that the
“law of the origin supports the
specialized law.” That is, it is what the
law of the origin works with the
specialized law to solve problems.
Experts carry out the specialized law,
and you carry out the law of the origin.
(Of course it is also possible that
both the expert and you do both)

However, the specialized law
advances and changes with the times.
Because when the times change,
science and the economy also
advance. But the law of the origin can
support no matter how the specialized
law evolves and progresses.
This fact shows how civilization has
developed and even in the age of
science advanced, the law of the
origin can fully cope with it.
Because the law of the origin exists
in all phenomena and puts all
phenomena under control, even if
it is in a passive form.
If the specialized laws of each era
and the law of the origin work together,
there will be no problems that cannot

Treating the problem
while they are small

Also, by taking the above actions,
you will be able to end problems and
events that occur in the international
community while they are small
What is important here is
“not to connect small problems to
large battles or wars.”
It is incalculable how many people’s
lives will be saved just by
accomplishing it.

So why can you stop so that small
incidents do not turn into big

Because the power of your good
deeds and that of Act① and Act②s
act of mercy and wisdom will be
expanded and strengthened by the
law of the origin, and will exert
great effect on the international
community. That is, it is due to the
power of the law.
The “Hand” of your active act of mercy
and wisdom opens the “Door of the
Treasure Trove” of the passive law of
the origin, and draws out treasure
and power from it. As a result, various
problems can be treated before they
do not become large problems.
This is what I talked in the basic paper
of the site.

Here is an example of this.
Earlier this year, 2020, on the dawn of
January 3, a shocking case occurred in
which U.S. troops killed Iraqi defense
guard Commander Qasem Soleimani
by airstrike in the Iraqi capital Baghdad
on orders issued by U.S. President
Trump. Commander Soleimani is
a military leader who has led a special
unit, the Kodz, which is responsible for
foreign operations in the Iran
Revolutionary Guard for more than
20 years.
The Pentagon said in a statement
“In the direction of President Trump,
the U.S. military has taken decisive
defense measures by killing Commander
Soleimani to protect U.S. personnel
stationed overseas.”
Also, Secretary of State Pompeo
emphasized in an interview with
the U.S. media,  that the response was
to evade Iran’s “imminent attack,” which
would jeopardize the lives of Americans
in the Middle East if we did not respond.
A detailed analysis and commentary
of the case will not be provided here,
but what is important now about this
case is not to develop this incident
into a large war or battle between the
United States and Iran. This is because
if it expands, not only the solution of
the problem will prolonged, but it can
result in many casualties.
Citizens’ “suffering” as described
above will also occur.
Fortunately, President Trump said at
a news conference on January 8 that
the United States “does not want the
fight to escalate.” The day before,
Iran fired 15 ballistic missiles against
a U.S. military base in Iraq in retaliation
for the incident. But those have landed
by cleverly removing the place where
American soldiers and people are.
This demonstrates Iran’s
“wishing will of not wanting war.”
President Trump used the word
Escalate” at the conference.
Since the battle did not escalate
at this stage, the outcomes till now
can be said the outcomes of our
――as well as your――actions.

As a historical event similar to
this case, in the early 20th century,
1914 in Sarajevo, Austria, where the
Austrian heirs, Franz Ferdinand and
his wife
, were killed by one young
man. (June 28, 1914)

The world situation at that time is
quite different from the present,
but unfortunately, this incident later
escalated to the outbreak of
World War I.
And because it was a World War,
it has caused so many victims in
every nation of the world that it was
incomparable to previous wars.
It is incalculable how many citizens’s
lives were destroyed and displaced
their residence.
Must not repeat such a thing.
Including this time case, it is necessary
that we (and you) perform the
“Action of Real Result,”  reveal the law
of the origin, and by the power of
its law, completely treat and end
all dangerous incidents while they
are small.
Again, as a first step for that, you
define this incident as the
“incident that occurred to reveal
the law of the origin.” And perform
Act① and Act②’s acts of mercy and
wisdom, reveal the law of the origin
and its powers, and treat them
while it is small.

This law only appears
when you do it by yourself

Next, I will change the story to
a different angle, but basically
all of this work is done by yourself.
This is because according to the
principle of the law of the origin,
the power of this law can only be
exerted when doing by yourself.


So why not do this work yourself?


I who is writing this article now, is
the others for you. The law of the
origin only works if you perform it
yourself. Even if others do it,
neither its action nor the power is
exerted. This is a major principle of
the law of the origin.
Certainly, it is important to work with
others. Also, it is important to learn
from what others have done.
But basically, the power of this law
cannot be exerted unless you
perform it. I do it in my position, but
you do it yourself, there is no other
Let’s say suppose that hundreds of
years have passed from now and
it becomes the era when everyone
knows about the law of origin.
At that time, everyone around you
is performing the law of origin and
working with it. It is such an era.
But still, this principle does not
change. Unless you do it yourself,
the power of the law of origin will
never be exerted.

This paper will be added a little later.

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