Thinking about two months until the new president’s inauguration date

Today, I will talk about the theme related
to “transition of the President of the
United States.”
The presidential election is over and
Mr. Biden has won the election, but
President Trump has not yet to admit
defeat. Unless President Trump
acknowledges the defeat and cooperates
in the transition to the new administration,
the transition of US power to the
new president will not be achieved
I am not in a position to say which
president to support, it is up to US
citizens. However, I am now talking
about the fact that the “current situation
as above continues in the present United

However, if the situation like this
continues, there are concerns about
the following.
One is that there may be a risk of
rising a “blank” in US politics. And the
question is, with poking the political
blank in the United States, what actions
eastern other ideological nations,
such as Russia, China, and North Korea,
will take in the future. In short, one of
the things they want to see is the
military “immediate response force
of the United States.
The point is whether the political gap
in the United States is eroding the
“current U.S. military command line”
and “immediate response force.”
If they see it happening even a little,
they will come out forward more in
various fields such as military,
maritime, diplomacy, and trade.
In this case, at the stage when power
has not yet been transferred to
Mr. Biden, the current President
Trump is the president, for about
two months until the “new president’s
inauguration date” on January 20th
next year. He will fully address and
take command of all international
issues, including those mentioned
President Trump has filed proceedings
in many states, citing “Illegal ballot
counting” of this time election.
However, courts in many states have
dismissed President Trump’s
proceedings due to lack of evidence,
and many of his lawyers have been
retired because they were “less likely
to win.”
Also, on November 23, at the time of
writing this article, President Trump
accepted transition Mr. Biden’s
presidency on his Twitter. As a result,
the GSA (General Services
Administration) will provide Mr. Biden
with $ 6.3 million in public funds
necessary for the transition to the
administration / the Director of
National Intelligence will report
confidential security-related
information / the transfer of project
for coronavirus countermeasures will
begin. (However, President Trump has
not yet admitted defeat in the election.)

In other words, considering the
above points, the transition to
President Biden on January 20,
next year, seems to proceed
smoothly as it is. Many major US
media also predict so.
But for this two-month period,
the fact does not change that the
world’s strongest US power lies
under President Trump. We have to
look carefully at what will happen in
this two months. Power is because,
if looking back on past history, it has
a mighty power to swallow everything.
Caution is required.

On November 20, 2020, President
Trump participated in APEC
(Asia-Pacific Summit) for the first
time after the presidential election.
(Above Image)
The meeting took place “Online”
and the president participated from
the White House. From President
Trump’s remarks at this conference,
we can get a glimpse how he is
trying to approach to the
international community in the
In this, the president showed
the past achievement of “rebuilding
the US economy that was depressed
by the coronavirus” and insisted that
it will continue to push forward
strongly in the future.
And he announced that he would
promote peace and prosperity
in the “Indo-Pacific region” through
that economic growth. The President
also approved the “APEC New Policy
to realize free, open and fair trade.
President Trump was also originally
negative about multilateral trade
and strongly urged correction of
trade imbalances with China.
These remarks, in other words, is
a declaration to the world that
“US politics is still alive. There is
no political blank at all.”

Thinking from the perspective
of using the Law of Origin

Next, I would like to think from the
perspective of using the Law of Origin.
From the point of view of using the
Law of Origin, no matter what happens
in this two months, it is important
that you end the incident as a small
incident, not as a large one. Since the
Law of Origin is the law that governs
the world of all phenomena, you can
achieve that by doing good deeds,
exerting wisdom and performing
mercy action under that law.

For instance, earlier this year, a tragic
incident occurred in which President
Trump ordered US troops and kill Iranian
Revolutionary Guard Commander Qasem
 by an airstrike. At this time,
the U.S. Department of Defense issued
a statement saying, “At the direction of
President Trump, the U.S. military has
taken decisive defensive measures by
killing Commander Soleimani in order
to protect U.S. personnel stationed
In response, Iran was predicted to
make a “retaliation attack,” but Iran
did not make a retaliatory attack.
And the incident did not develop any
further and ended in a small and quiet
shape with only this event.
If Iran had retaliated at this time,
it might have developed into a major
incident and a war. And that would have
caused many casualties both inside
and outside.
Now, during the two months until the
day of the new president’s inauguration
of January 20 next year, like this
incident, no matter what happens,
it is important to end it in a small shape
without developing it into a large
incident, violence or riot.
Because the most important thing is
the safety and life of American citizens
and the safety and life of world’s



The power to make night
to be daytime

As a feature of the Law of Origin, this law
has the “power to make night into day.”
The night here means a variety of difficult
problems to solve. The reason they are
likened to “night” is that there is
no solution at all and the future looks
a darkness as night. For example, like
the issue of this time political blank,
President Trump and Mr. Biden fought
fiercely immediately after the presidential
election, and the future looked like a night.
Also, if the spread of the coronavirus
does not stop forever, the future may look
dark. The term “night” here is the
“dark problems” that causes such anxiety.

In reality, the phenomenon that “night
becomes daytime” is a natural phenomenon
and an celestial phenomenon, so no one
can artificially make the “whole of night”
into daytime by human hands.
However, if you leave the night conditions
– Night problems like above – as they are,
people and citizens will be overwhelmed
and suffered, and their lives will be in
dire straits by them. Therefore, people will
use the power of various specialized laws,
science and technology, political power,
financial power, and information, etc. and
try to deal with night problems. Sometimes
those succeed. But it’s partial. Also, they
often ends in temporary treatment. Because
originally, you can not make the whole of
night problem to be daytime. Even if one
or two problems can be solved with the
above specialized power, it is impossible
to connect the whole of night problem
to the “total solution” of the daytime.
But if you use the Law of Origin, it will
become possible. That is, you can make
the night to be daytime. The reason is
the Law of Origin puts the whole
phenomenon world under control, and
can move all phenomena.
In other words, this law goes all the way
to the “principle of origin” of the
phenomenon world. The “principle of
origin” here is the principle when
all phenomena cause generation and
extinction, and all phenomena cause
life and death according to that principle.
To put it shortly, that is the “principle
of the mother’s womb” that controls
the creation and annihilation of
all phenomena.

Since this law goes all the way to its
principle, its effect acts horizontally till
to the farthest edge of the phenomenon
world. And it reorganizes or moves
the movements of all phenomena
as needed.
For these reasons, as comparing to
“day and night,” if you use this law,
you can use all the phenomena in
the phenomenon world and bring the
night problem to the “total solution”
of the daytime.

The basic usage of wisdom changes

The “characteristics of the Law of Origin”
as above clearly come to appear in human
how to use wisdom and virtue.”
That is, when you use the Law of Origin,

● “you use wisdom and perform virtue in
the process of night becoming daytime.”(1)

This is because the Law of Origin can make
night to be daytime, that becomes possible.

(1) In this case, “Doing virtue” means
mercy acts or the action for well-being
of others. On the other hand, “Wisdom
” is the act of clarifying the way.

However, when you deal with night problems
in a general way, including when using
“specialized law,”

● you will use wisdom and perform virtue
in order to make night into daytime.

Making night into daytime is originally
unattainable, but specialized law has no
choice but to make such an attempt.
Because if you leave night problems
alone, people will be overwhelmed by
them and the suffering will increase,
as  I said earlier. To solve the problems
even a little, specialized law does that.

However, you can use both the Law of
Origin and specialized law at the same
time. If you use a specialized law in the
process of using the Law of Origin, the
purpose of the specialized law,
“connecting night problems to daytime
solutions,” will be achieved smoothly.
Also, the way of using the wisdom of
the specialized law will become the
same as the form of the Law of Origin,
“you use wisdom and perform virtue in
the process of night becoming daytime.”
This form is less burdensome, more
effective, and easier to achieve the
purpose of each specialty.
Basically, the purpose of the Law of
Origin is to achieve the purpose of
a good specialized law in this way,
in each area. The same is true for other
powers such as political power,
economic and financial power, diplomacy,
trade, and medical power that exist in
the world. The Law of Origin utilizes the
power of each specialized field in the
whole, and achieves the utilization of
them for the well-being and prosperity
of people and citizens.

Talk with an example

Now let’s use a metaphor to talk about
what the above-mentioned, “you use
wisdom and perform virtue in the
process of night becoming daytime” is.
For example, suppose you have booked
an airplane now. Then you can board the
plane. This means that “night has become
However, by the time you actually board
the plane, you will have to complete
various necessary procedures such as
boarding procedures, loading luggage,
checking tickets and passports and so on.
All you have to do is using your wisdom
to complete those things. Also, you can
get on the plane and arrive at your
destination safely, so think about what
happens after you reach your destination
and use your wisdom there.
“Whether you can board the plane or not”
or “whether the plane can reach the
destination or not” – you don’t have to
think about those things and use your
wisdom there. Because night becomes
daytime, those things are definitely
achieved. When you used the Law of
Origin that puts all phenomena under
control, it is already decided that you
can board the plane and that you arrive
at the destination safely. Therefore,
you can use your wisdom for other
than that. This means “you use wisdom
and perform virtue in the process of
night becoming daytime.”(2)

(2) However in this case, needless to say,
if you use the Law of Origin to make night
into daytime, you need to perform Act ①
and Act ②’s Mercy
and Wisdom act.
The Law of Origin is  
passive nature,” and because
its power
will not be exerted without  
your action of
active nature.” / Act ②’s
Wisdom act is
an act of reading well,  
thinking well, and
understanding well
the correct information
about the
Law of Origin, and talking about it
people well and so on.  Act ①’s Mercy
act is an act of sending mercy to all living
existence. And when you perform Act ②,
please use the Articles of this site for
the necessary information.    
 (See the basic paper on the site)

What I have just said above is called
仏乗(Butsu-Jyō)”   in the information of
Law of Origin. “Butsu” means Buddha,
“Jyō” means to Ride. Together, it means
“riding Buddha,” but in other words,
this means “riding the Law of Origin” or
“riding the Buddha-nature, which is the
main body of the Law of Origin.”(3)

(3)For the relationship between
Buddha-nature and the Law of Origin,
see the site’s basic paper. The relationship
is that “Buddha-nature is the main body
of the Law of Origin.”

However do not relax
your vigilance and attention

However, in this case, you can use the law
of origin to fly safely and reach your
destination, but you should never neglect
attention to surroundings nor relax your
vigilance. For instance, always protect
yourself from crime and beware of evil.
This is something like this:
Let’s say you were stolen $ 5 one day.
You know who the culprit is. However,
that culprit is the one you happen to
meet while meeting with a large number
of customers at your work. So you no
longer know where he is. He is someone
you can never meet again.
You feel very uncomfortable with that
But you notice by this incident. Whether
it’s $ 5 or $ 5,000, theft is caused by your
own “carelessness.” In the wake of this
incident, you think,
“Recently, my attention has diminished.
I will pay close attention to all my house
keys, car keys, and belongings in the future.”
And after that, you’ll always be reminded
of the “$ 5 theft” of that time and come
to behave with caution.
In this way, in order to protect you,
the Law of Origin, which puts the entire
phenomenon world under control,
sometimes does not stop a bad guy
from approaching you. This is not that the
“Law of Origin brings a bad guy closer
to you,” but the Law of Origin does not
dare stop a malicious individual from
approaching you. ( If the Law of Origin
wants to stop it, it can, but does not dare
to stop)
In other words, in the movement of
innumerable phenomena, the Law of
Origin does not close the entire door,
but keep only that part a little open.
If the door is open even a little, evil and
bad guys will definitely come in. And like
the $ 5 theft mentioned above, they
come in contact with you in order to
rob the things you have.
The reason why the Law of Origin does
things like this is because hoping that
this small incident will raise your security
consciousness and cure your carelessness.
Theft is, whether you’re robbed of $ 5 or
$ 5,000, the cause is your “carelessness”
and its the same. It’s too late if it became
the theft of $ 5,000 or $ 50,000.
Watching the timing, the Law of Origin
tries to make you aware of that by a small
incident of $ 5. The Law of Origin
occasionally prevents your suffering from
the theft of more assets in the future
in this way.
Thus, you should always pay close attention
to your surroundings and use your wisdom,
even if you know for sure that the night
will become daytime.

You will not be afraid of night problems

Next, there is another important point.
When you use the Law of Origin, and you
use your wisdom and perform virtue
in the process of night becoming daytime,
you will become not to afraid of night
This is something like follows:
Night refers to various problems, but
suppose that those night problems come
to be resolved and became daytime.
However, that daytime will become night
again over time. Specifically, if time passed,
various new night problems will reappear.
But those night problems aren’t the
“problems that you don’t know if you can
make it to be daytime or not” like the night
in the past.
If you use the Law of Origin and the
specialized law together, it is the “night
problem that you can make it to be daytime

again. Therefore, you will not be afraid of
night problems. In other words, your view
and way of thinking about “night itself
come to be fundamentally different.
This means that you will be able to live
your life much more valuably and creatively
than you work on “the problems that
you don’t know if you can make it to be
daytime or not” for a long time forever.
This is the end of this article, but the
reason I wrote this article in the form
(content) as above is that night problems
may occur many times from now on in
the future. At that time, you can use the
Law of Origin and the required specialized
law and so that you can deal with any
“night problem” in a “daytime solution.”
And I would like you to open up happiness
in each position. I wish you success.

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