Summarize into 4 points about “The Law of Origin” and the “Mercy and Wisdom acts” that demonstrates its power

The act of Mercy is “The act of
sending Mercy to all living existence.”
Mercy has two meanings: “Give comfort
and remove suffering.”
In practice, the Mercy action is achieved
by thinking “Sending Mercy to all living
 in your heart, and believe it
This phrase “Sending Mercy to all living
existence” leads to also sending Mercy
to “All non-living existence (materials or
 Because, there is the fact that
all living existence coexist with
non-living existence.

Mercy action is also accomplished by
sending mercy to one certain individual.
In that case, you can achieve it by
thinking and believing in your heart,
“I wish for the increase of this person’s
Good Luck”
 to the people and
customers you interact with in your life
and workplace.

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