Summarize into 4 points about “The Law of Origin” and the “Mercy and Wisdom acts” that demonstrates its power | November 13, 2022

The act of Mercy is “The act of
sending Mercy to all living existence.”
Mercy has two meanings: “Give comfort
and remove suffering.”
In practice, the Mercy action is achieved
by thinking “Sending Mercy to all living
 in your heart, and believe it
This phrase “Sending Mercy to all living
existence” leads to also sending Mercy
to “All non-living existence (materials or
 Because, there is the fact that
all living existence coexist with
non-living existence.

Mercy action is also accomplished by
sending mercy to one certain individual.
In that case, you can achieve it by
thinking and believing in your heart,
“I wish for the increase of this person’s
Good Luck”
 to the people and
customers you interact with in your life
and work place.

The act of Wisdom is achieved by
reading the correct information about
the Law of Origin well, thinking it well,
understanding it well, and talking
about it to others well, etc.
The information of the Law of Origin
can be found in Lotus Sutra, the
scripture of the Law of Origin.
However, in order to properly read and
understand this scripture, you need
a correct manual. The correct manual
means the manual explained under the
premise that
“Lotus Sutra is the scripture that the
Law of Origin was preached.”
Please use this site article as the

Why when you work on the Law of
Origin with acts of Mercy and Wisdom,
will the power of the Law of Origin be
First of all, regarding the relationship
between Mercy and Wisdom,
the important point is that if you read
the information of the Law of Origin
well, think it well and understand it well,
Wisdom will surely be exerted. 
The wisdom of “The act of wisdom”
here refers that Wisdom.
That is to say, only by the power of such
wisdom can you emit a profound and
Mercy heart.
That is the “Relationship between Mercy
and Wisdom.”

Next, when you send such Mercy to
all living existence, why is the power
of the Law of Origin exerted?
The reason is that the essential
characteristic of the Law of Origin is
originally Mercy.
That is the same as the essence of
the phenomenon world is Mercy.
For instance, when looking at the
progress of the “Food Chain” and
Preservation of Species” in nature,
there is an appearance of Mercy
in nature that many animals and
plants support the lives of other
creatures by their own Death.
Individually, it has the cruel side of
“The law of the jungle,”  but
as a whole, it reveals
The Appearance of Mercy” that
Species of each animal and plant
are preserved.

In Africa and elsewhere,
if herbivores do not become food for
carnivores with their own death,
the number of herbivores will
increase too much and the species
will be extinct.
Even animals and plants offer their
deaths in this way in order to act
Mercy and preserve other species
of life. And contribute to overall
life support.
Moreover, if human beings are
deeply conscious and send Mercy to
all living existence, human can be
in line with the Mercy, which is an
essential characteristic of the Law
of Origin, and the power of this law
will be exerted. That is the principle.

In this case, the Law of Origin will
not be exerted its power unless
you work on by your own good deeds,
Acts of Mercy and Wisdom.
This is another major principle of
this law.
The Law of Origin exists one for
every citizen, but in practice, the power
of this law will not be exerted unless
you practice it yourself.
The power of the Law of Origin may be
exerted when others practice it,
but the power and effect of the Law
of Origin exerted by others follows
the practice of your Mercy and Wisdom
In this sense, your Mercy and Wisdom
practice are in the center and you are
the only owner of the Law of Origin.

Even if, in a world hundreds or thousands
of years from now, almost all citizens
knew of the existence of the Law of
Origin and used it, this principle does
not change. You are the sole owner
of the Law of Origin.

PS:  For sending Mercy to one
specific individual, see this Article.

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