Congratulations on the inauguration of President Biden!

Congratulations on the inauguration
of President Biden.
I was very worried at one point due to
the invasion into the US Capitol on
January 6th, but I am really glad that
his inauguration was finally completed
successfully. It is also welcome that
President Trump sent an Ale,
“I wish the next administration great luck
and great success”
to the next administration at the end of
his speech shortly before leaving the
White House.
This was thanks you to doing good deeds
and emitting mercy and wisdom under
the Law of Origin. It was extremely sorry
that there were five casualties, but it was
really nice to be able to land safely without
a major incident.

Now, regarding coronavirus infection, as
of January 23 present, the total number of
infected people in the world is 98,177,108 
and the death toll is 2,107,384.
Also, in the United States, as of January 8,
the number reached 300,000 a day, but in
recent days it has decreased from 180,000
to 190,000 a day. However, the situation is
still high. (Figure below)

Happy New Year. I will present you a new music video.

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Dear everyones, Happy New Year.
I sincerely pray for your happiness
and prosperity. I’m sorry for the late
New Year’s greetings.
I was creating a new music video.
Today, I will give it to you.
The friendship between me and
you is eternal. I am so grateful for
all the support and encouragement
that you have sent during the last

The dawn of the new year is always
dark. It was also dark in the middle
of the night when I was making this
But over time, it will be a bright
daytime. Let’s make our life too, the
Year of Creation” that we will open
up this year.
Now, please enjoy good and old music
while traveling to Sicily, the beautiful
island of Italy.

The power to make night to be daytime

Later in this Article, I added the new
sentence titled “However do not relax
your vigilance and attention” to the
place where I drew the analogy of
an airplane.  December 14, 2020

Hello everyone. How are you?
I am always impressed by many
wonderful  comments from you.
Thank you so much.
I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to all the
comments. However, I am always
grateful for your continued
Please live a healthy and good life.

Today’s Article is a continuation of the
previous article, “Thinking about the two
months until the new president’s inauguration
date,” and is the second half of this Article.
The second half will be a little philosophical,
so I named it “The power to make night to
be daytime.” This theme will continue to be
added writing in the future.

This article is completed.
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Article excerpt

Thinking about two months until the new president’s inauguration date

Hello everyone. How are you?
Thank you for always a lot of great
comments. Really thank you.
Also, very thanks to your efforts for
this site has become accessible to
quite a lot of American citizens and
the citizens of many foreign countries.
In addition, the relocation to the Site
Alam Communication Society” has
been proceeding smoothly since then.

Well, today I will talk about the current
situation in the United States after
the Presidential Election. I also need to
talk about the coronavirus problem,
but I’d like to see it for a while.
Currently, the infection situation in the
United States seems to have begun to
peak. Maybe it’s about to enter a turning

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There is a continuation in this Article.

The spread of coronavirus infection in the United States will soon peak and converge

Coronavirus infection and its countermeasures Part 11

Hello Dear everyone, how are you?
Thank you so much for your
wonderful and sincere comments.
I am really grateful.

Now, in today’s Article, I’ll take
a closer look at the current state of
coronavirus infection in the United
States. In the United States, the
number of people infected every day
is quite high, so I think everyone is
worried. It also has a great economic
But you don’t have to worry.
The spread of infection in the United
States will soon peak and will converge.
I’ll write more about that in today’s
Please read while looking at the chart.

Besides the United States, I would like
to write about the infection situation in
Europe, but I don’t have time today.
I will post it as an additional sentence
at a later date.

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There is no “Article Excerpt” today.
Because all the sentences are

Additional text to the previous Article

Hello everyone, how are you?
Thank you always for all the wonderful
comments. I read them, thank them, and
be encouraged.

Today, I’ll add a few additional sentences
to the previous Article. It will look like the
one below.


When the power of the Law of Origin
that “it works in one place and works
all places,” is connected with the
“money you earned with sweat,” the
following occurs.
For example, suppose you have a son
or daughter. They are working far away.
Occasionally, you say,
“This is pocket money,” and send them
to them. They will be happy and say
“Thank you” and send you an email.
And they will spend the money as an
expense when they work.
But the effect of the money does not
stop within that range. The money
arranges everything from the health
of sons and daughters to their
psychological state, vitality, and their
living environment.
It also prevents them from being
dyed in evil in the future or entering
the path of evil. It also prevents them
from falling into poverty.
You will be able to confirm that fact
when you later communicate with

Also, those that demonstrate such
value is not just money.
For instance, suppose you find one dish
to be very delicious when you usually
eat. And you think.
If a distant son’s family (or daughter’s
family) or grandchildren ate it,
“They would be happy to find it as
delicious as I am.”
Then you make one or two meals
so that they can eat them immediately,
put them in a pack, and send those to
them as a sample. / Not only that.
You enclose dish’s ingredients and
a copy of a photo of recipes for
cooking so that they can make it
At that time, it would be nice to

put those photos in a thin clear file
of about A4 size. In the rest of the file,
they’ll add photos of their favorite
recipes. They will keep the file in
the kitchen bookshelf for a long time.
Finally, you will put them together
and send them by “Refrigerated flight.”

They will surely be pleased with
your these sincerity. You may not
see them tasting those dishes, but
you will see the scene in your eyelids,
that your grandchildren happily to
eat them. You will also be able to
see the scenes where their parents,
that is your son or daughter, are
pleased to look the children’s
Sending food is sending them life
and vitality.

However, when sending food,
we must take into account that
children’s tastes are different from
those of adults. For example,
Children like the cooking with eggs:
Cutlets wrapped in egg shells,
Pork Fillet cutlet sandwich, French
bread and Good quality blueberry
jam, Omelet rice with lots of chicken,
pizza, Meat sauce spaghetti with
lots of minced meat(1), and “Hot cakes”
and “Sausage egg muffins” like those
found on McDonald’s breakfast menus,
etc. (Upper image)

(1) For minced meat sauce, fry the
minced meat and finely chopped garlic
in a frying pan first. Then, its OK just
mix them with a commercially available
meat sauce base.

These are a bit expensive, but the
money you earn from sweat exerts
large power. Given the well-being and
prosperity of your beloved family in
the distance, it’s a great investment.

In this way, supporting and raising people
is “Hand work”.
When the money you earn from sweat is
connected with the Law of Origin,
its power is expanded and strengthened,
and it comes to have such a power.
By doing so, your descendants will grow
up and the safety and prosperity of the
citizens of your country will be ensured.


As mentioned above, you should never
easily think about the value of the
small daily good deeds you do, and
that of “Action of Cause and Action of
Result” (1) of your good work.
Once you have the Law of Origin, which
manages all the phenomenon world
under control, your good deeds already
have the power to greatly influence
the people around you, society, and

(1) In the process of doing one job,
the time when you are making the
cause is “Action of Cause,” and the
time when you are finishing the result
is “Action of Result.”

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Living surely in uncertain Era

Hello everyone, how are you?
This article was written as
a continuation of the previous article,
so the first half is the same as the
previous one.
However, the latter half is completely
different. I also changed the main title.

In the latter half, now that the corona
infection has occurred and we are in
an uncertain Era and I talk about
“how to live confidently and surely”
in such an Era.
In this Article, under the title of
In Preparation for a New Era,”
I am talking about “what happens
when your Mercy power is connected
with the Law of Origin” through familiar

Since this Article is the completed
article of “Coronavirus infection and
its countermeasures Part 10“,
the previous article will be deleted.
The following is the “Excerpt” of the
last part of the Article.
Please enter from here.


In preparation for a new Era

For example, suppose you now have
a son or daughter. They are already
adults, have a family and are living far
For instance, even if your work is going
well, you may be worried and anxious
about them if you lose contact from
distant son (or daughter).

“Isn’t there something happened?”
Even more so, now is the time when
coronavirus infections are socially
widespread, you will be worried about
their infection and financial situation.
“Is their work going well?”
“Are my grandchildren healthy and well?”
and so on.

For instance, if you email distant family,
they may not respond to you for a while.
Then you’ll be worried.
At such times, suppose you have the
Law of Origin, perform the Mercy and
Wisdom of Act ① and Act ②, and are
sending mercy for the well-being of the
world and citizens. Then the effect of
that good deeds is expanded and
strengthened by the power of the Law
of Origin, and works to far away.
And by that effect, you can be confident
that the well-being and safety of your
family is guaranteed.

Therefore, you can be assured.
(→ For Act ① and Act ②, refer to
the basic paper on the site)

Similarly, suppose you spent some of the
money that you’ve earned from sweating
in your work, on the “Activities to inform
the Law of Origin to people.” Then, the
value of that money will be expanded
and strengthened in the same way as
the actions of Act ① and Act ② that you
perform, and its effect will be useful for
the well-being and prosperity of the
distant family. And that becomes clear
to you. Therefore, you can be assured.(1)

(1) Now among the acts I said above, the
former is “Law Donation” and the latter
is “Property Donation.” In both cases,
the effect of  its merit and reward work
to far away. (See Menu Donation)

Even if your family far away doesn’t
contact you, you can be assured as
long as you are performing the actions
like above. You will think, “When there is
no contact, when they are going well.
when there is contact, when there is
something.” There is no anxiety there.
In other words, you can be assured with
or without contact.

Why I talk about this kind of thing here
now is that Doubts, Suspicions, and
Distrusts in human relationships dose
not much occur when people are in
direct contact with each other. However,
they often happen once you are far away
and lose contact. In other words, Suspicion,
Anxiety, and Distrust often occur when
people are far apart from each other.
This is true not only between individuals,
but also between countries, national
leaders and politicians. In the case of
nations, the loss of contact and talks
with each other arises suspicions in the
minds of both leaders, which develops
into “Distrusts” and sometimes
strengthens military power to defend
their own nations.
The tragic wars of the past, such as the
two big wars of the 20th century and the
Cold War, fundamentally began through
such a process. And it caused the victims
of countless innocent people.   
This should never be repeated again.
Therefore, in order to eradicate the
“Suspicions and Distrusts” that arise
in the human mind, which are the root
causes of such wars, we elucidate where
they originate fundamentally. And here
I am talking concretely about the
fundamental solution, the “Effect and
power of the Law of Origin.”

When the power of the Law of
works in the workplace

Next, let’s talk about how the power of
the Law of Origin affects your workplace
and your company.
For instance, if you perform good acts
with the Law of Origin, you will discover
at your workplace that your co-workers’
sales are as good as you are. This is
because your company can only be run
when all employees are selling well.
In other words, because the company is
running well, your own profession is
secured, and your life can be possible.
On the other hand, “Your own sales are
good. Everyone’s sales are bad.
The business condition of the company
is not good. The economy of society is
not good.” Such a state is good for you,
but overall it’s not. Because if that
situation continues and the company
goes bankrupt, you too will lose your job.
Therefore, when you perform good acts
with the Law of Origin, you discover
that the sales of all employees, including
yours, will improve.
The Law of Origin creates such a situation
by moving all phenomena to secure your
job and to stabilize your life. As a result,
you will protect both your co-workers and
your company by performing good acts
with the Law of Origin.

Certainly, you may have
a “Rival consciousness” or “Competitive
consciousness” with your colleagues’
employees when it comes to sales
personally. Competitive consciousness is
a source of vitality for capitalism, so it can
be used in a good way.
However, if you focus on “your own life”
and “permanently securing a profession”,
the situation of “the whole thing gets
better” as mentioned above is good.
Especially as it is today, when the
coronavirus is widespread throughout
society, and the economy as a whole is
depressed, that shape is even better.
Also, the effect of performing good
acts with the Law of Origin are not
limited to improving your work
environment. That will lead the area
you live in to prosperity and safety.
Furthermore, it will lead the whole
society, the nation of America and the
international community to prosperity
and cooperation.

The difference between the value
of money and the value of the Law
of Origin

Next, I will talk about the issue of the
value of money.
Now, the various good effects and
good situations I have mentioned
above are the effects that you cannot
get with the power of money alone,
no matter how much money you
spend. This is because the Value only
for money has Variability such as
“it works here, but it doesn’t work in
the distance” and “it works in this part,
but it doesn’t work in other places.”
In other words, the value of money
fluctuates depending on the place,
field, and time of use.
Certainly, the power of money works
equally globally in the financial and
economic fields. It also has a strong
effect on human relationships.
However, if looking at it in detail and
realistically, there are such fluctuations
in the power of money.
Therefore, when the coronavirus
infection etc. spreads and the economic
fluctuations become large, “no matter
how much money you have, you cannot
be relieved by that alone.” Because it is
not possible to adjust the outbreak
of the coronavirus or time of occurrence
with the power of money.

In this respect, the power of the Law of
Origin is fundamentally different from
the power of money. The power of the
Law of Origin manages all phenomena,
so it has the powers that
“it works here and at the same time,
works in another place” and “it works
in one place and works all places.”
That is, its action goes all places.
That is the power of the Law of Origin.

For this reason, the Law of Origin can
be established as the Law of Origin.
The “Effects that work in distant
relatives” and “Good situations” as
I mentioned above arise from this
principle of the Law of Origin. This is
the essence of the Law of Origin.    
It is the only part that differs from
all other specialized Laws. So if you
use some law and “it works here
but not works elsewhere” “works near
but not works far,” it’s not the Law of
Origin, it’s another law. It is another
specialized law.

When the power of money is
connected with the Law of
Origin to exert great power

Now I’ll give you some examples.
For instance, “when humans get stuck”
is almost always when you think that
“your power or the power of the
money you earn, works only to
a limited extent.” The same can be
said not only for money, but also for
one’s ability and physical strength
(youth). In this regard, the power of
the Law of Origin, “it works in one
place and works all places,” can fill
the weakest weak-points of human

When the power of the Law of Origin
that “it works in one place and works
all places,” is connected with the
“money you earned with sweat,” the
following occurs.
For example, suppose you have a son
or daughter. They are working far away.
Occasionally, you say,
“This is pocket money,” and send them
to them. They will be happy and say
“Thank you” and send you an email.
And they will spend the money as an
expense when they work.
But the effect of the money does not
stop within that range. The money
arranges everything from the health
of sons and daughters to their
psychological state, vitality, and their
living environment. You will be able to
confirm that fact when you later
communicate with them.
In this way, supporting and raising people
is Hand work”.
When the money you earn from sweat is
connected with the Law of Origin,
its power is expanded and strengthened,
and it comes to have such a power.
By doing so, your descendants will grow
up and the safety and prosperity of the
citizens of your country will be ensured.
Let me give you another example.
For instance, suppose one of your parents
living far away gets sick. You hear the news.
Then you send some of the money you earn
from sweat to your mother, saying
“Use this only for treatment fee.”
This is the power of Mercy. The power of
Mercy cures the illness. It will exert large

However, if one of your parents have
an incurable or the Illness that is difficult
to recover, a little more additional work is
needed. You decide in your heart that
“I will bear the suffering of my mother’s
illness on her behalf.”
And, for instance, suppose while you are
daily working, you have some hardships
or pains in your work or housework. Then,
you think that “these are the suffering of
my mother’s illness and I am now carrying
them on my back and digesting,” and treat
After you have treated them, your mother’s
suffering of illness will disappear and
she will be comfortable. Even if the illness
is one that is difficult to recover,
the progression of the illness will stop and
the suffering caused by the illness will
After a while, when you get in

touch with your mother, you will be able to
confirm that.
This is also achieved by expanding and
strengthening your Mercy heart
with the power of the Law of Origin.

In addition, people with intractable
diseases tend to become pessimistic
in thoughts, so it is also important for
the people around her to use wisdom
as much as possible to lead her into
a “hopeful way of thinking.” For example,
“You have to see your grandchildren
grow up, go to college in the future, and
become a great person” and so on.

Intractable diseases that are difficult to
recover are often impossible to cure
completely. An amputated leg is the same
as it does not recover as before. However,
it is possible to stop the progression of
the disease and eliminate the suffering
caused by the disease. Moreover, even if
there was the disease, it is possible to
establish the state of realizing human
happiness. Make those things happen.

I have talked about the meaning of
Mercy before. Mercy has two meanings:
“Remove suffering and Give comfort.”
(→The Article Why does it have to be
Mercy” posted January 24, 2019)

You do that because of your mother’s
illness, so it will be an important property
that your mother will leave for you.
Since you fought the illness on behalf
of your mother, that experience is
a valuable property to your life and
will remain a long time in your life.
If you use the power of the Law of Origin,
your mercy and the money you earn from
sweat thus lead to having the “Great Power
as above.

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Coronavirus infection and its countermeasures Part 10 first half

Hello everyone,
How are you?
Today, I will post “Coronavirus Infection
and its Countermeasures Part 10
The spread of coronavirus infection
across the United States since the
beginning of September has declined
considerably. (See Graph above)
Up to two months ago, there were
60,000 to 70,000 infected people
per day, but on September 6th, infected
people were 25,167.
This is a breakthrough reduction.
Details will be discussed in the Article.

This Article is only in the first half.
The second half is currently being
edited, please wait a few days.
Please enter from the Text below.
I wish you all the best of luck.

America fighting Unfairness, Inequality and Racism

Hello everyone, how are you?
Thank you very much for all the wonderful
many comments. I deeply appreciate.

Today’s Article talks about the Protest
Demonstration against “Racism” and
Inequality, Unfairness,” which are
currently taking place on a large scale
across the United States.
What are behind these demonstrations?
Also, I would like to consider about the
factors etc.

I will also talk about the role of the
“Act ①, Act ② and Act ③” that are
performed under the Law of Origin,
for this problem.
In particular this time, I will explain
in detail about the role of the Act ③’s
Gentleness Perseverance.”
So far I have talked in detail about
Act ① and Act ②, but not much about
Act ③. This time, I’ll talk in detail.

Please enter from the following


Many white people participated
in this time
What does that mean?

However, this time Demonstration
has a major feature not seen in past
Demonstration. It is that not only black
people but also many white people
participate in Demonstration. In particular,
there are many white young people.
The protests held in New York on June
10th of this month were mostly white.
What does this mean?
This shows that many white people are
also subjected to discrimination and
unfair treatment in their social life, both
large and small. For instance, in the same
company, discriminatory behavior and
sneaky words from the boss often make
ordinary employees feel discriminated.
There is a big difference in terms between
“the side who says it” and “the side of be
said it.” The person who said it, said with
lightly feeling, however, a person who was
said it, felt a sense of discrimination and
was extremely uncomfortable.
Regarding the “Errors that occur during
,” the company and employees often
develop severe conflicts and disagreements.
For instance, if an employee makes
a mistake, company makes it a liability
issue even the slightest mistake and blame
and punish the employee. However, if a
company or boss makes a mistake, they will
not be blamed and no one punishes them.
Moreover, the responsibility is not asked.
These things often becomes a factor of
the fight for “Unfairness” and

On March 3, 1991, a black man named
Rodney King was assaulted by four police
officers for the crime of speeding
(Rodney King case). The situation was
happened to be filmed in a video and later
it has been aired across the United States.
However, the following year, when those
assaulted police officers were acquitted,
this incident has triggered a “
Large Los 
Angeles Riot” (April 1992).
The factors that triggered this case are
essentially the same as the unfairness 
within the company that I just talked above.
In other words, Rodney King, despite
receiving violent assault by a relatively
minor mistake of speeding, the crime of
the police officers who assaulted him,
is not asked at all and they became
acquitted. This sense of discrimination
and unfairness are the essence of the
problem and the root causes.

In modern society, not only black people
but also many white people may suffer
by the treatment of inequality and
unfairness while they live in social life.
It is thought that that “suffering” was
the reason why many whites have
“sympathy” for black racism.
Many white people have become
better able to understand the
“Heart of suffering from racism” that
black people have experienced so far,
from the experience that they suffered

from discrimination treatment from
their companies and bosses etc.
As a result, many whites are believed
to have taken part in this Protest
That is, the white people who
experienced the same kind of suffering
as the black people, had a feeling of
empathy for the black people.

Thinking about “Mistakes that
occur during work” from the
standpoint of both the company
and employees

Now, let’s think about this “Error that
occurs within the company” from
the standpoint of both the company
and employees. True, if an employee
makes a mistake, it is fact that it
develops into a big problem or big
incident. For instance, if a mechanic
makes a maintenance mistake in an
Airplane Maintenance Shop, it can
cause catastrophic accident because
of that and many lives may be lost.
And the company also loses great
social credibility and public trust.
Therefore, a company or boss
become that if an employee makes
even a few mistakes, they will point it
out severely.

However, when the boss points out
an employee’s mistake, if they insults
or abuses the employee for that
matter, the employee feels that he has
received “unjust discrimination” or
“verbal violence” and they will be
severely rebellious.
Unfortunately, many bosses often do
not understand the “Suffering on the
side of being pointed out” at this time.
The boss thinks, “it is natural that one
who makes a mistake is pointed out
severely and suffer,” and does not
think any further.
However, in reality, what the boss
should do and say at this time is
When a boss points out an employee’s
mistake, he/she must need to use words
with consideration and be extremely
careful in what he/she does and says.
In this respect, both the company
and the boss also need “Gentleness
Specifically, when an employee
makes a mistake, it is important to
strictly point out just only the mistake.
Don’t blame other things. If you do so,
your employees will be satisfied, they
will correct their mistakes and work
hard to avoid making mistakes in the
Conversely, when the boss points
out an employee’s mistake, if he/she
uses words that harass them, use
violence, or insult their opponent,
employee’s feeling will be deeply
hurt, rebel, and will feel that they
have received unjust discrimination.
Or, at that time, if the boss blames
the employee for something other
than a mistake, or says even his/her
personality or race, the employee
will be more rebel. And it may
develop into a Demonstration like
this time.
The words that are misleading are
also bad.
Since the company and the boss are

in the position of leaders, it is important
to properly judge what words should be
used to “Correct mistakes” and at the
same time, to lead to “Employee growth.”
And I hope you to build an
Ideal Trustworthy Labor-Management

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Sequel | Infection of coronavirus and its countermeasures Part 7

Added new question and answer in
the “Excerpt” below. Please scroll and
see the last sentence. June 5, 2020

Hello everyone, how are you.
Thank you very much for all your great
comments and reports. 
I deeply appreciate your continued

The US seems to have a hard time to
reconstruct the Economy affected by the
coronavirus infection and its impact, but
Japan also has a hard time. In Japan, the
“Emergency Declaration” that was one of
the measures against corona has been lifted.
However, the reconstruction of the Economy
is still difficult and it is from now on.
The damage caused by this corona extends,
unlike the previous Lehman shock, to tourism,
shops, manufacturing, transportation, and
all other industries. As for the countermeasures
against this, my thoughts will be described in
Infection of coronavirus and
its countermeasures Part 8.”
This Article is a sequel to the previous “Part 7.”
This completes No7.

Below is a partial excerpt from the Article.
The text continues after the previous Article.


Future Economic Outlook

Next, the world’s most important
concern now is the outlook for the
future Economy deeply affected by
the coronavirus. I would like to consider it.
According to employment statistics
released by the US Department of Labor
on May 8, the number of unemployed
people in the United States in April was
about 20.5 million and the unemployment
rate reached 14.7%.
The outlook for the Future Economy,
which has been heavily affected by the
infection, is of great concern for everyone.
In considering this issue, please see the
table below. The Economic Situation in
the future is likely to be moderate
U-shaped and L-shaped recovery rather
than V-shaped recovery.

I understand your expectation “Since the
corona infection has so rapidly
deteriorated the economy, it may return
rapidly when returning,” but it is
unfortunately difficult.

The reason why the recovery does not
become V-shaped is that, even if the
economy is restarted, if too many people
gather, corona infection is likely to start
again. And if infection occurs even a little,
consumption will fall due to the citizens’
“anxiety psychology fearing infection.”
The anxiety psychology leads to the
desire to keep cash at hand. And
if consumption falls, things will not sell and
corporate performance will deteriorate. 

On the other hand, however, the economy
will be maintained to some extent because
the citizens will always purchase only the
necessary supplies such as food, sundries,
and medicines. It never reaches the bottom.
In short, if you go up, you’ll be hit by the
corona, and if you go too far down, you’ll
return to up because the essentials are
missing and they are bought. The economy
will be forced to go in the middle. Therefore,
it is highly possible that U-shaped or L-shaped
Recovery will occur in the future, rather than
V-shaped Recovery. (Table Above)



Why does Act ①’s Action of Mercy show
such effect?
Please explain the basis and mechanism.


Basically, Action of Mercy makes sense in
doing itself.
Act ①’s Mercy Action is “Emitting mercy on
all living things.” This is based on the words
that Buddha left in the information of the
Law of Origin, “Have a Mercy heart to
all living existence.”
However, when you perform this act, you do
by saying in your heart the word
I send mercy to all living existence.”
The reason for doing this is that this
expression is easy to say in heart.

There are two major meanings in doing
a Mercy Action:
One is the “Act of sending mercy to
all living existence” often creates your
Good Fortune. Regarding this
“Good Fortune,” that is basically created
by performing acts that contribute to
people’s well-being. This is based on the
principle that the “More you make a other
person happy, the More happy you become.”
“Sending mercy to all living existence” does
this “Action of Contributing to people’s
well-being” on a vast scale.
Sending mercy to the Five Continents,
send mercy to solve various social
problems, and send mercy for the
happiness and prosperity of citizens all over
the world. Also, sending mercy to the
existence of life in the entire universe.
Since the target of mercy is vast, the Good
Fortune created from it will be also large
and deep.
So if you do that, that will bring great
fortune to yourself. That good fortune
works and helps you, for instance, when
you are in a predicament or in a critical
situation. That also enriches your own
future. That also brings good fortune to
the people around you and your

Second, if you perform Mercy Action,
you can often merge with the Law of
Origin. This is because Mercy is an
Essential Characteristic of the Law of
Origin. The Mercy heart you emit and
the characteristics of the Law of Origin
match. I talked about this in the basic
paper of the site.
If you merge with the Law of Origin,
you will be able to move all the
phenomena through this law that
manages all the phenomena in the
phenomenon world. For instance,
to solve one problem, you can move
all the phenomena behind it. As a result,
the effects of preventing the corona
infection and reducing the number of
infections as described above occur.


Where is Act ②’s Action of wisdom
Where is that power exerted?


The Act ②’s Wisdom Action is always
being exerted and acting in the course
that you perform Act ①’s Mercy Action.
However, Act ②’s Wisdom is basically
trained by reading well , thinking well and
understanding well the information of the
Law of Origin. Also, it is trained by telling
or explaining people what you understood.
In other words, the information of the
Law of Origin provides the “Foundation”
for the development of your wisdom.
At the present stage, you are reading
the correct information of the Law of
Origin on my website.

Your wisdom, trained and developed
in this way, supports your Act ①’s Mercy
Action well. That is, your wisdom will
well arrange the circumstances around
your Mercy Action so that your Mercy
power is exerted to the fullest in the
The first mercy you exerted is actually
guided by wisdom into the Law of Origin,
merged with it and expanded and
strengthened by the power of the
Law. In addition, the power of mercy
will be transformed one after another
by wisdom, and it will act to reduce
coronavirus infection and solve various

It can also be said that “if Mercy is the
bearer of producing Good Fortune,
Wisdom is the bearer of skillful use of
that Fortune.” Please remember, the
main function of wisdom is to
Lead well, Transform well, Break well.”


Why not do “Act ① and Act ②’s  Mercy
and Wisdom Action” yourself ?

So that, you will be able to merge with
the Law of Origin and achieve peace and
prosperity of society.


I who is writing this article now, is the others
for you. The Law of Origin only works if you
perform it yourself. Even if others do it, neither
its action nor the power is exerted. This is
a major principle of the Law of Origin.
The same applies to Act ① and Act ②.
Certainly, it is important to work with others.
Also, it is important to learn from what others
have done. But basically, the power of this law
cannot be exerted unless you perform it.
I do it in my position, but you do it yourself,
there is no other way.

Let’s say suppose that hundreds of years have
passed from now and it becomes the Era
when everyone knows about the Law of Origin.
At that time, everyone around you is performing
the Law of Origin and working with it. It is such
an Era. But still, this principle does not change.
Unless you do it yourself, the power of the Law
of Origin will never be exerted.

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The power of the law to expand the power of citizens’ goodness

Alam Communication has moved to
Alam Communication Society (URL below).
Please enter from
in the future. Thank you

1.  In order to expand and 
   strengthen the power of good 
   deeds that individuals do

What happens in the international 
community often happens on a huge 
scale that the hands of the individual 
does not reach, so in many cases, 
people sometimes think 
“Those problems can not be solved 
by the power of individuals.”
For example, large-scale confrontation, 
war and conflict between the country 
and the country, and Huge Trade Friction 
Problem as seen in recent US-China 
relations and so on. The problem of
in recent years which spreads
worldwide, is also one of them.

In such cases, how can an individual be
able to deal with large-scale problems
like international problems, in a manner
that is effective?
First of all, individuals do good.
Do good without doing evil.
This is the most basic. Also, that is 
the starting point.
However, what to do when the effect of 
good acts performed by individuals is 
not widely affect society.
For instance, if evil or act of evil is done 
in a distant place where the individual’s 
action range can not reach, how an 
individual prevents them? 
Also, when those are done in the world 
of giant capital and huge scale by a big 
force, how does an individual prevent 
Conflict and war is the case.
In fact, terrorist incidents occur in 
distant places where individual hands 
will not reach. 
The same goes for virus issues.
And it puts out many victims, bringing 
many obstacles and misfortune to the 
international community. 
Therefore, we must strengthen the good 
acts of each individual and make the 
effects of that acts to extend to every 
corner of society.

2.  Use the power of law

In order to solve this problem, we use 
“power of the law.” Because law has 
the power to greatly expand and 
strengthen the power of actions that 
individuals perform and their 
For example, there are various laws 
in the world such as laws of science, 
laws of medical science, Social law, 
laws of economy and business, or 
professional law when doing artistic 
activities and various volunteer 
activities etc. These laws are capable 
of expanding and strengthening the 
power of human wisdom and acts in 
each specialized field.
You use this “Effect of the Law itself.”

For example, since lawyers exercise 
their wisdom based on the “Power of 
Law,” so that he can lead to solving 
various social problems and complex 
problems difficult to solve by amateurs. 
Of course, in that case, it is largely due 
to the power of the lawyer himself to 
solve the problem, but behind that 
wisdom, the social law’s “power of law” 
is working.
Even in the medical field, the doctor 
exercises wisdom based on the laws 
of medicine, so it becomes possible to 
cure various diseases and intractable 
diseases. Of course, outcome of
treatment depends largely on the 
power and talent of the doctor himself, 
but it is an undeniable fact that the
Power of the Law of Medicine” 
established by accumulation and 
devising of research for many years, 
is acting on treatment.

Explain the five processes by cause and result

1.  Define the five processes 
   by causality

In the previous chapter, I talked about 
the process by which a person works on 
the the Law of Origin by his own good 
deeds, draws out treasures and power 
from the law’s treasury, and solve 
problems inside and outside with that 
power and treasures. And that process 
can be classified into the following five 

1 Name  
2 Main body 
3 Essentials
4 Effect  
5 Identification of information     

If placing this “Cause and Result” to the 
above “Five processes”, it will be as follows.

What is 1. Name ?

1 Name is the teaching / information of 
Buddha who has realized the “Law of
Origin.” The teaching is information. 
Because the person knows the existence 
of the Law of Origin by the information. 
Also, why call it “name” is because the 
information is given a name or a title 
and is summarized in an easy-to-
understand manner. It can not be called 
information unless it is summarized in 
an easy-to-understand manner. 
Because information is also a “Way.”
In a complex and profound secular 
world, showing the way to people by 
setting up a “name,” and by the name, 
make it possible for everyone to see 
and hear that way. And let them 
fascinate to go far through the way 
(name / information) and finally make 
them reach the ultimate happiness. 

You yourself create the future of America

This article was published on 
  December 6, 2018

Dear everyone
You are a great person, a citizen and 
a leading actor.
You are the sovereign owner standing 
with the future America. 
You are also the “Foundation” of the 
United States.
Especially I am looking forward to the 
growth of young people. I received a 
comment that young people are reading 
my website and growing, there is no 
more pleasure more than that. 
Also, it is very happy for me that my site 
is useful for the happiness and growth 
of many people and achievement of 
each job.

Notification of Alam Communication Home Page Address (URL) Change

Hello Dear Everyone
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Alum Communication Website.
I really appreciate it. Today I have
some Notices to everyone.
Alam Communication has been operated
as my personal website so far. However,
in light of future business expansion and
development, my website has now been
The new name is “Alam Communication
(Hereinafter abbreviated as ACS)
Alam Communication Society is Nonprofit

Along with that, my name will be changed
from Alam Iwadate, which I have used so far,
to Masafumi Iwadate, my real name.
(However, the stage name Alam Iwadate is
still used in music videos etc.)

In addition, the server used by the site was
changed to a server with a larger capacity.
This is a necessary step to smoothly provide
information to more parts of the vast
American society. In particular, the server
withstood thousands of simultaneous
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Therefore, change the URL of the site as
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Sincerely yours

Masafumi Iwadate
Representative Director
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Infection of coronavirus and its countermeasures Part 5

Hello everyone.
“How are you?”, I’d like to ask like this,
but it’s hard to hear that at the time when
coronavirus infection is spreading as it is
Coronavirus infection is still serious in the
world. This time, I will talk about
Fundamental Measures to reduce the
number of infected people and to resolve
this problem as soon as possible.
This measure is practiced by every one of
you and produces results. This is a battle,
so it becomes like that form. Of course,
I will partcipate with you in this battle.

This time, the countermeasures (treatment
methods) I talk about will be the “Culmination”
of what I’ve been talked so far. Although
there are not many words, it is the thought
and principle of the most fundamental part
of the Law of the origin.
But no matter how good the Law of the
origin is, the victory of a battle depends on
your Determination and Strength of your
Also, if as many people as possible
participate in this battle, it will be possible
to repel the coronavirus earlier.
Please enter from the text below.


Infection of coronavirus and its countermeasures Part 4

Hello Dear everyone, How are you?
Thank you very much for many
wonderful comments.
I am appreciated. In particular, I am
glad to receive many comments
from the peaple of the United States
and Korea.

Coronavirus is showing signs of
recovery in China and Japan. About
two months ago, Wuhan, China,
where the infection was the worst,
set a record of zero cases for the past
few days. But Europe and America are
still tough.
Today, I will talk about what measures
have been implemented in China and
Japan so far.
I will also talk specifically about
countermeasures using the Law of the

Cherry blossoms announce the arrival of spring

Thank you for your always wonderful
Coronavirus is progressing.
Please be very careful.
Now Japan is in the best time to see
cherry blossoms, but people are sparse
everywhere. These photos are taken by
me about two years ago at
Shinjuku-Gyoen and Kudan, famous places
in Japan. I took it to show you someday.
Cherry blossoms are coming of spring.
Now you may be worried about the virus
problem, but don’t worry, the virus problem
will be surely solved.
Two or three days later, I’ll post a new article
and talk about it in detail.
April 7, 2020
Alam Iwadate

Patrol the five continents and send mercy

If you are reading this paper for 
the first time, please read the 
basic paper of this site “The power 
of the law to expand the power of 
citizens’ goodness” first. 
(Philosophy of Menu )

Hello everyone.
Thank you very much for your sincere 
and heartfelt comments. I am grateful. 
I feel pain that I cannot reply to all 
comments. If I press the “Approve” 
button for a comment, the comment 
will be posted on website’s Widgets. 
When it is posted, please understand 
that I have read it properly. It is the 
same as “love” of Facebook.
However, I will reply as much as I can
to answer your sincere heart without
relying on these things.

Now, this paper was published on 
July 29 this year. A part of the text 
was added as shown below “Excerpt.”
Currently, I am changing the 
composition of “Home” a little, to 
publish a new paper.
I always pray for your happiness and 


When it comes to war, regardless 
of the country of victory or defeat, 
it gives rise to “many mothers who 
lose their important son on the 
battlefield.” And many young soldiers 
will be shot and killed on the battlefield, 
and their bodies will be taken to 
Arlington Cemetery in Washington. 
His mother and father are crying in 
front of the body. A lover and a friend 
are crying. How many solitary 
bereaved families have been created 
in the 20th century alone? 
This is already too late. 
To avoid this, you have to work before 
that. We fight at the time of peace. 
The hero is willing to fight.
The battles are “Do not cause military 
conflicts in each country’s army,” 
“Stop crimes of terrorism and mad 
people” and “Send mercy and the 
power of wisdom to people in each 
country.” That is what I said above.
It is also a battle to inform people 

about the “existence of the law of 
the origin” that expands and 
strengthens the good power of 

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To have the law of the origin is to have innumerable amount of treasure

This article was added on
September 30, 2019.
Please see the end of the article.

Hallow everyone, how are you?
It is a great pleasure for me that 
your heart and your will reach me 
through your comments.
Now I am revising some of the 
content to compile the articles on 
the site.
In addition to 1 to 13 in Chapter 2, 
A new title 14 “To have the law of the 
origin is to have innumerable amount 
of treasure” has been added.
(See the table of contents for
“Philosophy of Menu.”)

Also, following this, I will post the 
new sentence of the first half of the 
Article 13 “Follow on the causal net 
and patrol the five continents.”

Bellow is Full text of a new title 14

To have the law of the origin is to 
have innumerable amount of treasure

Having the law of the origin is the 
same as having  a “treasure trove 
full of infinite treasures.” This is 
because the law of the origin is a 
On the other hand, your action of 
the mercy and wisdom power are
“Hands” that draw treasures from 
that treasure-trove. You can open
the treasure trove door and draw out 
the treasure with your “Hands” of 
mercy and wisdom power. (However, 
the “Information of the law of the 
origin” is required. Because it 
connects you with the law of the 

Why does it have to be mercy?

Hello everyone. How are you doing?
How are your family, friends and colleagues 
around you all? Thank you very much for 
your comments that are always sincerity. 
I am encouraged very much and it is 
helpful when writing the next post.
In addition to the good deeds you do 
on a daily basis, if you practice 
“Act of Mercy and Wisdom” of Act①
and② that I mentioned in the previous 
paper, it will raise a torch in the dark 
world and leads to lighting up the orbit 
of happiness. 
When considering this act of mercy, 
that is “To send mercy to all living 
existence,” there is a question 
“Why does it have to be mercy”? 
“Is it not possible with love, or other 
Mercy is sympathy, compassion.
Why is it mercy?

In short, the reason is that there are 
many “People suffering” and “Living 
being suffering” in the world. 
Even those who say “I am happy now” 
also getting older someday, the body 
weakened, anxiety to the disease will 
occur, and death will come. In other 
words, there are the suffering of aging, 
disease and the fear and suffering towards 

death. There are also “suffering to live” 
for example life suffering, economic 
hardship, suffering of human relations.
There are two meanings of mercy.
meaning to “remove suffering” and 
“give comfort.” Because there are many 
people suffering in the world, you will 
remove the suffering first. It is because 
you can not give comfort unless you 
remove suffering. After that, you will 
give comfort.
That is why priority is given to “mercy.”
The Buddha-nature’s law, that is 
“the law of the origin of the whole 
phenomenon world” goes beyond this 
four suffering of “Life, Aging, Disease, 

I am very glad when I receive comments 
of impression and sympathy from 
everyone. I am glad that at least one of 
your goals has been reached. 
Everyone is “core person” and “sovereign.”
You are the owner of the democratic 
society in America.
If you carry out “acts of mercy and wisdom,”
there will always be a great achievements, 

pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. 
That is also a great pleasure for me.

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