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Now, what does China and Russia think
about now in the face of the vast region
from Central Asia to the Middle East,
including “Afghanistan after the U.S.
forces left on August 31, 2021″?

The Chinese government is ostensibly
insisting that they are maintaining good
diplomatic relations with the Taliban
But now it’s good, however its unknown
what will happen in the future.
In this region of Central Asia where
the U.S. military has left, there are
many extremist organization other
than the Taliban administration.
Some of them are in conflict with
even the Taliban.
No one knows what they will do in
the future.
Also, it is unclear what action even
the Taliban will take in the future.

Not limited to the Taliban
Administration (or extremist organizations),
what the current China Administration  is 
in mind, is a deep suspicion, distrust, and
fear of human nature itself.

“When humans gain power, humans change,
attack other territories, and often have
the ambition to try to own it.”

In their long history of the past, Chinese
people have received Tragic Aggressions 
many times and had bitter experiences.
So they’ll be able to understand intuitively.

“The Invaded History”
that Russia has

Russia is also the same.
The vast Russian territory was ruled by
the Mongol Empire in the 13th century
for the long period of 250 years.
Also, they were invaded by Napoleon in
the 19th century, and in the 20th century,
invaded by Nazi Germany during World
War II.
And in 1991, they experienced
the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

Among them, I would like to talk in
detail about the invasion of
Nazi Germany during World War II.

In Russia, the invasion from Nazi
Germany caused enormous damage
and casualties.
The process was as follows.

In 1939, the existence of the Soviet
Union was a huge threat for Hitler of
Nazi Germany
who was aiming to
invade Western countries such as
Belgium, France and Great Britain.
Because, while Germany invaded the
west deeply, Germany could be
destroyed, if the Soviet Union in the
east attacked behind Germany.

However, even if saying Germany
should have a peace agreement
with the Soviet Union, the Nazis are
right-wing ideas, while the Soviet
Union is a communist left-wing idea.
With water and oil, the ideas of both
cannot be fused.

But Hitler makes a drastic decision.
Germany concludes a “German-Soviet
Aggression Treaty” with the
Soviet Union. This treaty was the treaty
signed under the firm promise that
“Germany and the Soviet Union would
not invade each other in the future.”

In this way, Hitler can be relieved
and he starts to invade the Western
Nazi Germany first invaded Poland,
a country adjacent to the eastern
side of Germany (September 1, 1939).
With the invasion of Germany at this
time, World War II broke out.
After Germany defeated Poland,
it turned north and west with that
momentum and invades Western
countries such as Norway, Belgium,
France and Great Britain.

The exact details of the movement
of Nazi Germany at that time are as

When Nazi Germany invaded Poland,
Poland surrenders in two weeks.
Next, Germany heads North with that
momentum, and occupies Denmark 
and Norway (April 1940).

Then, in May of the same year, it broke
through the border between Belgium 
and Netherlands, and begins to launch
a full-scale attack for Western countries
such as France and Britain.
Germany breaks through the Magino line,
called the invincible fortress on the
French border, and
 occupies Paris
At this time, France surrendered to
Germany. It happened on June 14, 1940.
However, after that, Nazi Germany
begins to suffer by Resistance
movements in France.

Also, when trying to invade the
British mainland, Germany encounters
the resistance of the brave Royal Air
Force and gives up landing on the
British mainland.
It was Winston Churchill who was in
command of the British Army at that
time. Churchill challenged Nazi
Germany in a thorough fight.

In this way, Hitler, who just could not
capture the mainland of England,
was forced to return to Germany.
And next, he begins to invade the
Soviet Union in the east.

At that time, Hitler’s attack was
called “Blitzkrieg.” That was a tactic
of attacking enemy territory at once
and deciding victory in a very short
period of time with the strength of
the entire army.
He challenged the Soviet Union again
in that Blitzkrieg.

So what happened to the “German-
Soviet Non-Aggression Treaty”
mentioned earlier?

Didn’t Germany and the Soviet
Union firmly promise in the treaty
that “They do not invade each other”!?

Hitler discards it very easily as
if throwing away a piece of paper, and
broke that promise and invaded the
Soviet Union.
At that time, because there was that
treaty, the Soviet Union was completely
relieved from the upper level to the
general public, and was not preparing
for the war at all.

Into there, the Nazi German troops
plunged with “Blitzkrieg,” killed the
Soviet inhabitants, and invaded at a
stretch deep into the Soviet Union,
to Leningrad.
And in Leningrad, tragically, more
than one million civilians were killed.

Eventually the Soviet Union will
enter winter, and from that time on,
the Soviet Union will be ready for war.
Then, they begin to fight against
Nazi Germany in a desperate manner.
The German army, on the other hand,
is faced with an unexpected
counterattack by the Soviet army
and is forced to retreat.

The German army is said to have
been defeated by the fierce
counterattack of the Soviet army
and the frigid winter cold of the
Soviet Union.
The German soldiers
who invaded the Soviet Union
weren’t preparing winter clothes.
It is said that most of the killed in
action were by frozen.

At that time, unimaginable suffering
struck millions of soldiers of both
armies and civilians.
Indeed, the reality of war is such
a cruel thing.
It is something that should never
happen in the future.
Because war is definitely evil.


From now on, it is a time to use
both the power of “The Law of Origin”
and “Specialized laws in specialized
fields” such as politics, economics,
diplomacy and international law,” and
address the problems with the power
of Law.

Especially, the Law of Origin has the
power to properly position the power
of specialized law in each field, such
as politics, economic and diplomatic
law, or international law, and to make
them work effectively.


Characteristics when the Law
of Origin solves social problems

Next, when you exert the power
of this law, I would like to talk in
a more concrete form about
“What kind of process does
the power of the Law of Origin
take to solve social problems?”

The Law of Origin, as I said above,
is a law that is penetrated to the
origin of the phenomenon world
and manages the “Creation and
Annihilation” of all phenomena.
Therefore, when you work on
that law with the act of Mercy
and Wisdom, various phenomena
and events occur that have the
work to “Correct the behavior
that is being performed in
a biased manner
 in today’s
society and the world.”
That is, by working on the Law
of Origin through the act of Mercy
and Wisdom, the Law of Origin
causes “The Events that correct
biased acts in the world” in society.

For example, if one act has
an excessive “overkill,” phenomena
and events occur in an attempt to
correct that overkill.
As a result, the phenomena caused
by the Law of Origin have the
following three characteristics.

(1)  Correct the overkill of
  actions being taken in society.

(2) If the overkill is corrected,
      give permission to move

(3) From this, the phenomena
     caused by the Law of Origin
     has the power to encourage
     “Strong progress of people.”

As you can see from these three
features, the phenomena caused by
the Law of Origin does not just
correct the “overkill” of human act.
Once the overkill of act has healed,
allow the person to move forward
again and encourage to move forward.

And with that energy of advance,
realize the well-being and prosperity
of society and people, to be further
In short, once the overkill of a person’s
actions has healed, the Law of Origin
in turn moves the person forward,
and uses the energy of that action
to achieve happiness and prosperity.

Therefore, the Law of Origin has the
power to promote people’s progress
and development like 2 and 3,
it brings joy and development to
people’s lives, and brings peace and
prosperity to society.

To avoid repeating misery
in the future world

Now, I talked a conclusion with short
words above, “When you work on
the Law of Origin with acts of Mercy
and Wisdom, it causes events and
phenomena that correct ‘The overkill
of acts’ in society.

Such efforts have been made in
history many times, but unfortunately,
it was often not possible to correct
or stop “the overkill of acts” in society.
As a result, human society has been
unable to stop many wars and acts
of evil.
 And it has resulted in many
casualties and misfortunes on
countless citizens.

For example, as mentioned in the
previous chapter, just before the
start of World War II in Europe,
human society could not stop
“The overkill of acts of Nazi
Nor was it possible to correct
the overkill of that act.

As a result, the Nazis developed
into a huge force, and when World
War II began in 1939, they attacked
the citizens of Western European
countries. Then millions of innocent
people were killed.
After that, the Nazis invaded
countries from Eastern Europe to
Russia, attacking and killing millions
of non-resisting civilians.

I’m really sorry about this.
I can’t express in words, how much
people suffering and unhappiness
occurred at this time. I lose words.

As you can see in the image below,
the image on the left is an image
that conveys the tragedy when
Nazi Germany attacked the town
called Oradour in southern France.
To convey this to the future,
the town is preserved in its original
state of destruction at that time.
The image on the right is not Oradour,
but this was the situation everywhere
during the war.

At that time, almost all the inhabitants
of Oradour, including non-resisting
women and children without weapons,
were killed.

If, at that time, someone works
with the acts of Mercy and Wisdom
on “The Law of Origin” that manages
the phenomena of the whole
phenomenon world, and was able
to cause the Events / Phenomena
that stop “The overkill” of Nazi
Germany’s barbarism, the Nazis
would have disappeared in a much
smaller force.

Or that excessive overkill would
have been fixed.

There are countless such cases in
It also exists in even today’s world.
The myriad sacrifices and misfortunes
caused by war must never be repeated
in the future.

To that end, you will see
how fundamental and important what
I am talking now, that is to use
“The Power of Law” of both the Law
of Origin and Specialized Laws in each
field and solve international problems.
Also, you will see how it makes sense
for future human society.

In order for citizens to establish
a happy and peaceful society in
a civilized society where science and
technology are rapidly developing as it is
today, citizens themselves must be able
to cause events and phenomena that
can correct the “overkill and mistakes”
of social leaders.

If it cannot be done by citizens, citizens
will be crushed between forces and
forces which are both overkill and
Even leaders, if they can correct their
mistakes and overkills through such
events and phenomena, they will be
given “Permission to move forward”
at the next stage.

And if they move forward again,
they will be able to lead the country
to development and receive
hot support from citizens.
If they can get the support and
affection from the citizens, the work
of leaders, politicians, bureaucrats
and other leaders today who lead
society and the country becomes
all stable and much easier to do
the job.
Even military personnel no longer
have to endanger themselves on
dangerous battlefields and the
afraid of being killed on the
battlefield disappears.
You can also eliminate “the
deep sadness” of mother and 
father who lost their beloved
son in the war.
This saves everyone, from top
leaders to the general public.

Let’s consider the opposite case.
For instance, if leaders could not
correct their mistakes and overkills,
they will be in constant conflict
and fight with other powers.
Also, such leaders often lead the
country to war.

Also, leaders who cannot correct
their mistakes will lose their approval
rating, lose power, be hated by the
public, and eventually lead to the
collapse of the administration itself.
Also, the administration that lost
power weakens national power
and increases the possibility of
being attacked by foreign enemies
from the outside.

Therefore, you can see how
important point it is for citizens
“to be able to correct the mistakes
and overkill of leaders.”
The Law of Origin provides the basis
for citizens when they cause
“The Events / Phenomena with
such coordinating functions.”

As a result, a healthy society will be
realized in which “Social leaders
take good care of their citizens and
citizens respect them.”
We must convey to future
descendants in perfect form, the
existence of the Law of Origin,
how this Law is used, and how it
works, for their well-being and

Otherwise, they may repeat
misfortune again.
Therefore, it can be said that this
is the mission imposed on us living
in the present age.


This is the end of the Excerpt.
The content of this book after this
will discuss “KI“.
KI refers to “what the person wants
now” or “what he is thinking now.”

For example, a Seller has
“a desire to sell” and a Buyer has
“a desire to buy.” Also, there is
a Demand (KI) for “want to wear
winter clothes” in winter, and
a Demand (KI) for “want to wear
summer clothes” in summer.
If a businessman accurately
grasps the “KI” of these citizens
and does business, he will surely

Likewise, the Law of Origin
accurately captures a person’s KI
(opportunity) when healing
a person’s “Excessive actions” or
Therefore, those things can be
accomplished reasonably,
smoothly and without side effects.
Also, when healing it, even small
events and words can become
very effective.

This is extremely important.
If you ignore these KI and do it,
it can cause confusion and
conflict in society.

Please refer to the book.

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