Happy New Year 2022

Happy new year, dear everyone.
During the last year, I received many
heartwarming comments and
I am really thankful to you.
This year too, I would like to publish many
Articles that can meet your expectations.

The image at the top of this post is the
official cover of the newly published  
“2022 President Biden and China.”
I think publication will be achieved by
the end of January.
I will let you know when it is published.
As for the contents, I have introduced
some of them in the “Excerpt Article.”

It will becomes extremely important
that each of every one of you tackle
“Future social problems” and “The
problems that will occur in the
international community” with use of
the power of the Law of Origin.
That has entered an increasingly
important era.
It has already reached its limit to solve
“Conflict between nations,”
“Environmental problems” and
“Virus infection problems” only by the
power of politics and economy. Also,
they alone cannot completely resolved.
You will use “The power of the Law of
Origin” and “That of your Specialized law”
to lead them to a fundamental solution.
Later in this book, the specific method
is shown.

This book is the last 20 percent of the
Conclusion” is important.
Also, in this book, it’s true that talking
about International Affairs, but at the
same time it talks about “yourself” and
“your potential” through that.
Please take good care of yourself and
have a happy life.

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