Infection of Coronavirus and its countermeasures Part 1

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Today I will post an article about Coronavirus.
The title is
Infection of Coronavirus
and its countermeasures.”
This virus is often mild and completely cured,
but you need to be very careful since some
people become severe and die.
In addition, the infectivity of this virus is much
stronger than previous viruses.
In the article, I have written as factually as
possible so that you do not have unnecessary


It is important to deal with
using both
specialized law and the
of the origin

When dealing with coronavirus, it is
important to use both the specialized law
and the law of the origin, and follow their
basic procedures.
First, for infections that have a clear
infection route, it is to be treated
thoroughly by the conventional medical
Moreover, in the case of this coronavirus,
it is necessary to utilize the power of
the law of the origin. This is because
the coronavirus is transmitted from
potentially infected people too, who
have no symptoms. It is extremely
difficult to determine the route of
transmission from infected individuals
who have no symptoms, and there are
limits to treatment using only
conventional specialized methods.
By way of example, transmission from
an infected individuals who have no
symptoms(asymptomatic infected
person)is the same as
an indiscriminate attack by a terrorist.
The dread of terrorism is that the
places where hundreds and thousands
of citizens gather in cities of the world,
the soft targets such as shopping
centers and halls would be targeted.
No matter how mobilized the army
and the police, it is not possible to
protect all of the location in one time.
They aim there.
Similarly, an asymptomatic infection is
a seemingly healthy person who roams
around and indiscriminately infects
surrounding people. And cause the dead.
This form is essentially the same as
indiscriminate terrorism. Since the
essence of the problem is the same,
the measures also become the same.
Against these forms of enemies, we use
the power of law.
In particular, the law of the origin is
a law that exists in all phenomena and
manages all phenomena. Also, the law
of the origin is the fundamental law of
the phenomenon of the whole universe,
which governs the generation and
extinction of all phenomena.
Thus, if your act of goodness – the action
of mercy and wisdom – exerts the power
of this law, it is possible to move
all phenomena and defend all places
at once. No matter where the virus
infects from, you can prevent by
defending all phenomena.

→ See power of the law to expand
           the power of citizens’ goodness

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