Infection of coronavirus and its countermeasures Part 2

Hello everyone,
How are you?
This time, in addition to my Dear American
people, Comrades, and Allies, I would like to
thank for many comments from  Korean
people with wonderful hearts.
Thanks also for the great comments from
the American people.
I’m really appreciated to you.

Recently, the coronavirus problem has
become serious worldwide. In particular
I sincerely pray that Korean people will
resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Also to the people in the United States,
I wish you to be prepared and protected
against infection. And wish you to take
good care of your health so that you do
not get infected.

Today’s article is about Coronavirus,
following the previous one. The title is
the same but it is “Part 2“.
If the problem persists, I will post
a sequel to the article.

Today’s situation has changed in
several ways since the last article.
Part 2 was written according to the
latest situation.
Please enter from below.

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